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THE TIMES ONLINE, January 2007

"News, views, resort guides, events features — all a boarder’s needs covered" - Times top 130 best travel website


The World Snowboard Guide was the only snowboard website to be amongst the Times top 100 travel websites, and one of only 4 that covered winter sports.

"News, views, resort guides, events features — all a boarder’s needs covered."

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WSG 11th edition

Piste Magazine, December 2008

"Quite simply the best and most up to date snowboard guide
money can buy, happy holidaying!

Piste Magazine review December 08

Adventure Travel Magazine, February 2007

Adventure Travel Mag review of 11 edition

 Transworld Snowboard Magazine, Feb 2007

WSG 11th edition Transworld Review

Myfreesport magazine

MyFreeSport Review of 11th edition

"top quality guide, absolutely brimming with information that will inform, amuse and inspire any snowboarder (or skier for that matter.)"

Review written in Norwegian, but Jean assures us he loves it.

WSG 2006 book

Document Snowboard Magazine, January 2006

"The original snowboard-specific guidebook remains the best of the bunch, with resort news, views and travel tips from a 100% snowboard perspective – you wouldn’t ask a skier the best place to ride a mountain, so why let one help you choose where to go in the first place? More than 500 pages of information written for snowboarders, by snowboarders and the best snowboard guidebook money can buy"

WSG Review - Document Snowboard Jan 2006


Beginner or expert snowboarder, if you’re planning a trip of any kind the WSG should not be ignored”, November 2005

WSG 2005 book

Sunday Observer

Book of the week, 14th November

DCMT Snowboard

December 2004 Issue

"With another season looming it's a relief to have the ninth edition of the WORLD SNOWBOARD GUIDE arrive on our desks. WSG has a well earned reputation for a no-nonsense evaluation of the best - and worst - resorts worldwide. "

Time Out

17th November 2004

Previous editions

You do not need to be a single-plank convert to find the World Snowboard Guide a helpful source of insider information about the resorts worldwide & the prose remains refreshingly free of "rad" jargon and critical enough to put the soft boot in when merited
Sunday Times, 26th October 2003

By far the best guide to the slopes on the market.”

If you want to travel the world in search of freshies, the World Snowboard Guide will help you on your way

The WSG is a powerful resource that every rider should own.”

The perfect snowboard travel companion
Onboard Snowboard Magazine

WSG is the travelling bible, don't leave home without it.”
Snowboard Canada