Whats new

December 2006

  • New design. For all techs we've drooped all the tables and gone full CSS.
  • Reworked the navigation adding more relevant links to pages.
  • Resort stats all in one side-panel, added all the stats from the book
  • Google Maps added to the county and state pages. We've got most of the resorts now geo-coded and we'll be tidying things up as the season goes on. Just need to sort out the loading time.
  • Pro comments. We've been getting resort comment from the Pro's and we're adding these into panels on the resort reviews.

March 2006

The MyWSG section has been expanded. You can now maintain a log of any boarding trips you've been on, edit reviews you've posted and set-up snow alerts.

February 2006

The sites been given a sharper look.


The resort review pages have changed. We had a decision to make - a lot of the content on the website was out of date, but no one would buy the book (which funds the website) if everything was free and had the same content as in the book. We think we've comprimised by putting the latest resort introduction and enhanced stats for free, but restricted the more detailed part of the review to those who have purchased the book. We are looking to introduce a subscription charge so non-book purchasers can see the enhanced content, but everything else will remain free.

All the resort stats are now displayed at the bottom of each page, mouse over to show each section.


We've added a flash map of the world which shows all the countries we cover. We have additional maps for specific countries once we've inputted all the co-ordinates of the resorts. You can see where we're going with this my going to the USA page.


All the news stories are now full url's, not a ? in site. We are now able to better associated news stories to other ones so the related pages should be improved when viewing a story.


We've made a lot of changes to the CMS that controls the website, so you should see lots more pages soon with plenty of photos now that things are easier to work.


Each of the country pages now has a list of the current resort conditions, subscribed users can also view a detailed snow report on the resort review pages.

December 2004


The obvious thing in the new look, we've dropped the gloomy for the bright and the site now has similar style and logo as in the book.


Theres now three ways of accessing the site; guest, registered and subscribed. The websites always been free and thats the way we want to keep it, so as soon as you enter the site it'll log you on as a guest. If you want to add any reviews, enter competitions, add classifieds and generally join in, then you'll need to register.


If you've bought this years book, and you're wondering what that code entitles you to, then enter it when you register or go to myWSG, and you get to see the latest information. If we put the same information in the book as on the website, then no body would buy the book, so the sites always been a bit behind the book. Subscribers can get to see all the reviews with at least the same content as in the book, it'll also be continualy updated.


We've dropped the mountain stats page, and moved the content into side panels show on the intro and riding pages. Theres 2 new tabs; a piste map and reviews. We've also got rid of the annoying thing that happens with some of the smaller resorts, that when you click on a tab, theres no information to show you. If theres no information, then theres no tabs; oh and we're gonna add a load of new stats to all editions of the site.


We can now add new articles easier, so over the months you'll see a lot of new content appearing. At the moment theres the revised backcountry and rider tips sections.


Under articles you'll find a list of the most view links on this site. Theres also a page with a load of links on it, all categorised. The plan is to start adding to that massively over the season and with useful stuff not just site exchanges.


Generally pages should be a lot easier to bookmark, we've pretty much done away with parameters on URL's. Things should also be a bit more logical in structure ie, /resorts/country/area/resortname and such.


Thats about the lot for this release, but over December all of this stuff should be happening:


An event diary with all the major competitions and events, including post event details and Video highlights courtesy of High.tv


Still trying to batter down the prices, but we should have snow forecasts and current conditions for most of the resorts on this site.


We're going to be offering a little accomodation service shortly, from 5*'s to Hostels located centrally to the resorts listed.


Theres a load of maps to add, more stuff for registered users to do and interact, new articles, improved news service etc etc