There are many options for Heli boarding in Russia. You can board on peaks like Mount Elbrus in the east, to Kamchatka in the very far west of the country. There truly are loads of possibilities and is a good site to check out where you can go. The helicopters are normally huge ex-Russian military beasts and can land as high as 5300m, carrying groups of 10 riders plus a guide.      

Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus mountains, which are almost 1500km long, offers some great boarding. Operations are run from the resort of Dombai which is close to the Georgian Boarder and only a 15min flight from Elbrus where it’s possible to board from its very summit, 5670 metres. There are numerous mountains over 4000 meters in the area with some great and varied terrain as well as some good tree runs. It’s also possible to acess the area from the Black Sea resort of Sochi see Week long trips run for around £2500.

Kamchatka the land of Reindeer, volcanoes and nomadic shepherds also offers some heliboarding on some very varied terrain. Many peaks reach over 4,000 metres and offer runs in excess of 3000 vertical metres. A 7 night, 6 day trip costs €4200 / £2838 and can be organised through You will have to fly to Petropavlosk and when you get there don’t expect luxury.

Things here are basic but that’s Russia for you. Most boarders prefer to ride at Viluchinskiy (2173 m), Mutnovskiy (2323 m), Avachinskiy (2741 m), Goreliy (1826 m ), and Opala (2460 m) volcanoes. The average route length is 6 km, and the average vertical drop is 1500 m. The helicopters can be paid on a flight time basis. The price per flight hour is $500 - $1800 depending on the type of helicopter. There are several agencies which provide heliboarding tours, but you need to book it at least a few months before, otherwise it will be hard to find an available helicopter. To hire the helicopter you can contact It’s the only company which owns its own helicopters. also organise and run tours across Russia, Chile, Canada