Castleford Results 2005

Castleford Slopestyle Championships 2005

5 th September 2005 – The Orange AIM Series took over the Castleford Xscape on Saturday 3 rd September 2005 to present the British Indoor Slopestyle Championships. Local competitors were keen to impress, throwing down the gauntlet through the qualifications and making the final cut to clinch top positions for the overall titles. Competitors were stoked with the course designed by Xscape’s own Park Manager Damian Doyle, pushing the standard for both men’s and women’s even further. Alongside the more experienced talent, eager beginners were offered the chance to try out ski and snowboard sessions for themselves, courtesy of the 125 Trespass and Animal Academy free lessons.

pic: Laura Hill credit: Jools Smith

pic: Stu Edwards credit: Jools Smith

The Skiers kicked off the event but luckily the afternoon opened up the field for the boarders, with a record number of girls taking part, with comments of praise past at the bar about the high standard of riding amongst the ladies. Local rider Laura Hill, who is completely fresh to the competition circuit, qualified with more points than many male contemporaries and continued to dominate the women’s final, winning first place and title of Women’s Slopestyle Champion with a technical run that consisted of a stylish tail press on the top rail and a grind to gap to boardslide on the A-Frame. She was also awarded the honour of Salomon Best Unsponsored Female. Second place went to fellow Leeds local Caroline Sheehan with a switch boardslide to regular on the top rail and 50:50 over the A-Frame rail. Third went to Claire Frost with a nose slide to fakie on the top rail and 50:50 to boardslide on the A-Frame.

The men’s comp was close. Sheffield local Stu Edwards was on form, combining matchless ability and style on the day, crowning him Men’s Slopestyle Champion, with a smooth final run that included a switch boardslide on the top rail, a switch lipslide 270 out on the stair rail to a half cab to tail press on the box. Following closely were AIM Series regular Sam Cullum, who took second with a technical run spinning onto and off the rails and little boy wonder 12-year-old Jamie Nichols who’s natural talent and ability nailed a switch 50:50 to half cab to 50:50 along the A-Frame, placing third. Salomon’s Best Unsponsored Male went to Milton Keynes rider Paul Rennie who finished a respectable 9 th overall.

The Red Bull Jibber of the Day contest provided a fun jam style session for the lads and lasses, taking place in between the qualifiers and finals, with boarders eager to pull off the best tricks, note James Thorne’s clean 270 on 270 off the 6m stair case rail.

So, what’s next? Orange AIM Series hits Rossendale in the next stage, as the Artificial Boarder / Skiercross Championships take place on 17 th and 18 th September 2005. For more info check out:

 The Orange AIM Series Results - Slopestyle Championships, Castleford, Xscape


1st – Laura Hill, Leeds
2nd – Caroline Sheehan, Leeds
3rd – Claire Frost, Aberdeen


1st – Stu Edwards, Sheffield
2nd – Sam Cullum, Bracknell
3rd – Jamie Nicholls, Halifax