Nissan Russian Adventure

31 Jan-5 Feb 08, Krasnaya Polyana, Russia

Taking place at Krasnaya Polyana with a US$40k prize fund

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The contest is organised by re-known Russian extreme skier Nikolay Veselovskiy, who is also chief heliskiing operator in the area and pioneer of heli-skiing in Kamchatka. For the qualifying run the contest will take place at the actual Krasnaya Polyana Mountain very accessible for the public. The final run with 22 riders will be held on another peak with heli access. The exact peak will be determined depending on where the best snow conditions are to be found. The snow quality is quite unique in the area as the great proximity of the sea produces a characteristic snow that sticks to the steepest angles.

Riders: 44 in total

16 male skiers respectively snowboarders
- Top 14 per discipline of the virtual world ranking 2006/2007
- Two wild cards per discipline

5 female skiers respectively snowboarders
- Top four per discipline of the virtual world ranking 2006/2007
- One wild card per discipline.

Judged runs: Two runs – one qualification run, hike access at Krasnaya Polyana Mountain, with 44 riders, and a final run, heli access, with 22 riders, location tbc. Altitude approx. 2500 metres:
- Vertical drop: 300 meters
- Average steepness: 35-40 degrees
- Features: numerous lips, gulleys & jumps
- General: Freeride-Freestyle with some steep optional parts

Prize money : 40'000 USD in total

Men ski and snowboard
1st 10'000 USD
2nd 4'000 USD
3rd 1'500 USD

Women ski and snowboard
1st 3'000 USD
2nd 1'000 USD
3rd 500 USD

Krasnaya Polyana, Russia

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