The Oakley Arctic Challenge 07

26 Feb-3 Mar 07

The culmination of the TTR tour will be held in Oslo Norway on the 3rd March.

TTR World Snowboard official logoThis year the first session will kick off on monday 26. feb. 2007 with some chilled QP riding to get the riders all warmed up and ready to take it to the next level. There will be daily sessions the whole week to make sure we are all confident in ourselves and in the quarter. And throughout the week the 10m Gold Watch from Oakley, 50 000 USD in prize money and the world record is up for grabs. Our in-house film crew will document the whole week and put together webcasts for daily afternoon TAC TV shows.

Saturday March 3 2007 is the final show-down with the public, the cameras, the TV channels and the whole circus. With an entire week of riding under our belts when the final day arrives, the best possible level of riding should be assured.

The 2007 competition will, as last year, be held in Midtstuen in Oslo

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