The 25th Kaunertal Opening

15-17 October 10, Kaunertal, Austria

Kaunertal glacier in Austria kicks off the season with a mini shred comp with US$7K prize money, and an amateur comp on the sunday. DJ's, live bands, and the latest flicks on the big screen makes sure you won't get bored in the evenings.

One main element of the Kaunertal Opening and center of attraction for many snowboarders and freeskiers will again be the BIG PARK mini shred Pro Contest on Saturday. Price money of US$ 7.000,-- will be waiting for the winners and draw lots of pros to the Kaunertal again. Also the amateurs will get a chance to show their skills to the crowd at the mini shred Amateur Contest on Sunday.

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Another highlight for the amateurs will be that every person registered for the mini shred Amateur Contest on Sunday gets a chance to take part in the lottery for the „Lucky One’s“, who can take part at the pro contest on Saturday and fight the pros.

Please find all details regarding contest formats, registration, scoring & judging on:

The snowpark at the glacier shows off just in time for the Kaunertal Opening in a grace brightness. The fresh set-up with two jib lines and a kicker line are at your disposal for a perfect ride during the new season. Meanwhile the mini shred rocks with a lot of funny jib options as well as two brand-new butterboxes beside the big obstacle line with a new kinked rail and an up-down combination for a playground that will let everybody’s heart beat faster. Those who love long park rides can directly drop from the jib line to the kicker line. From October on, the new website will keep you up-to-date with all news, background infos about events, pictures and a weekly video series, which documents the daily park life. Daily updates will also be found on the brand-new Facebook page.

Also this year one more highlight will be the Rail Session presented by Gloryfy, downdays and Grounded Freestyle, which will go downat the glacier restaurant Weißsee. The sessions’s relaxing format will make the jibbers’ hearts beat faster and care for an exciting Friday afternoon. The rail will stay at the glacier restaurant Weißsee for the remaining weekend and be ready for everyone to jibb.

Registration for the Rail Session: Fr. October 15th, from 09.00 till 11.00 o’clock at the glacier’s car park.

More than 45 brandswill be waiting at the testival area for all snowboarders and freeskiers, who have not yet found their perfect equipment for the upcoming winter season. After three days of testing the brand new products everyone should have found his or her shred-gear for the season.

Concerts, movies & parties

Friday and Saturday evening are again focusing on snowboard and freeski movie premiers, DJ sound and live acts!

We are very much looking forward to the electro formation JEANS TEAM from Berlin as well as some nice „Kabinenparty“ with SKERO. We can also be expecting hot performances from IRIEPATHIE and LIRICAS ANALAS! Friday’s DJ Sound will be coming from DJ SUIVEZ (Liricas Analas) and Saturday the renowed WAX WRECKAZ will tune in!

Photo: VIA3 Communications

We are not only providing you with hot tunes but also with the newest movies from Pirate Movie Production „Hooked“, Mog Productions „Mog’ n Roll“, Broken Radio Films „Motivation“, Headbud&pickings fam „The factory and Legs of Steel „The Pilot“. If that’s not enough motivation for the first days on the mountain…

Kaunertal, Austria

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