Tacky Invitational Hafjell

13-15 April 07, Hafjell, Norway

The season finale for Northern Europe’s snowboarders will happen in Hafjell, Norway on the 14th of April. The snowboard community Tackyworld.com and Hafjell are hosting a slopestyle event, where the invited riders are treated to a contest on their own terms. There will also be a great after party, so the riders can end the season with a bang. The park will be open for the general audience after the event, and there will also be a giant airbag, which is a first in Scandinavia.

Big Air Bag Premieres

A giant airbag, measuring 36 X 23 feet, will be brought in from Holland, giving everyone an opportunity to try their wildest maneuvers without the risk of being hurt. It is the first time this airbag will be tested in Norway, and we are hearing rumors about one footed rodeo flips and other wacked out tricks.

It’s All About the Pampering

Winner of the Arctic Challenge 2006; Henning Marthinsen, will be there, as will Dutch wonder child Dimi de Jong and the Swedish legend Jon Oxborn. Everyone will be treated to an exclusive weekend ending up in a legendary viking mayhem party which will leave none untouched or alive.

Tacky Invitational Riders List:

Norwegian Riders

Per Iver Grimsrud
Roger Hjelmstadstuen
Kim Rune Hansen
Kim Andre Eliassen
Henning Marthinsen
Danny Larsen
Lars Magnus Brynhildsrud
Jon Odden
Knut Eliassen
Inge Wiig
Kristian Lekang
Mads Hofgaard
Torgeir Berre
Håkon Tønnessen
Daniel Ek
Eric Ian Andersen
Christian Halland
Pål Sørensen
Sindre Iversen

Swedish Riders
Jon Oxborn SE
Anton Bilare SE

Icelandic Riders
Viktor Hjartarsson IS

Dutch Riders
Dimi De Jong NL
Björn van Dongen NL
Joey van der Tak NL
Youri Jansen NL
Richard de Ruiter NL


Friday the 13th
12.00 Check-in at Hafjell’s welcome lodge, and practice in the slope
20.00 - Social gathering at “Ryk&Reis” bar

Saturday 14th
11.00 - 11. 00 - Warm up/Practice
11.00 - 12. 30 - Contest
12. 30 -12. 40 – Mini break
14. 00 -16. 00 - Open session
17. 00 -19. 00 – Award ceremony + after ski at ”Ryk&Reis”
22. 00-03. 00 – After party at ”Ryk&Reis”

Sunday 15th
10.00 -16.00 – Open day and photo shoot

Hafjell, Norway

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