Vans Hi Standard Mayrhofen

22 March 14, Mayrhofen, Austria

Rail Competition

The Vans High Standard event comes to Mayrhofen, style over spins will win in this contest.

With a unique competition format dedicated to bringing back and honouring individual style, creativity and ‘self-expression’, the Vans Hi Standard is not your average contest; rotations over 720 are not permitted, and having fun is mandatory.

Vans Hi Standard Series Austria from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

Two equally epic, yet quite different, European resorts will host the 2014 edition: Austria’s favourite shred destination; Mayrhofen, and Scotland's famous CairnGorm Mountain. More than 200 'competitors got together and chucked themselves off the kickers last year, proving that true snowboarding is all about having fun and celebrating the grassroots of snowboarding, the Vans way.

Vans Hi-Standard Series Scotland from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

The judging criteria remain the same in 2014, so the more style and trick variety competitors have, the more Van Doren Dollars - CASH –they go home with. It's super relaxed, but riders must stay sharp; repetition of tricks will be punished! Alongside the Big Air contest, each event will also include a rail jam as well as prizes for the most monied rider, and the worst bail. To round off the day everyone will be invited to join the famous Van Doren BBQ. The Vans Hi-Standard series will invite every passionate snowboarder out there to come down, no matter if they are a seasoned pro or madcapped amateur, old dude or youngster, boy or girl, they've a category for all, so everyone's guaranteed a fair contest and a chance to grab those Vans Doren Dollars!  

Dates and Locations:

March 22nd 2014      Vans Penken Park, Mayrhofen/AT

Sign-up:                     8:30 am

Contest Start:           10:00 am

Mayrhofen, Austria

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