UK Exhibitions

Daily Mail & Global Snow show roundup - November 2005

A big thanks goes out to all of you who came by our stall at the three UK shows. It was great to meet you all and to hear your feed back. We appreciate the enthusiasm for our great sport, the book and our site. Those of you that came to the Birmingham and Manchester shows will appreciate that after hearing the theme tune to Rocky, used to introduce the big air 4 times a day, we’re glad to be out of there.

London was cool with the BMX and skate displays, as well as the special board area with rails and break dancing. Come on the organisers of the Northern shows not everyone wants to see a skier doing a double back flip to the Rocky music.

One visit we could have done without was that of the security guard at Birmingham. We were given a stall behind a roasting pig and next to coffee stall, people couldn’t find us. So Steve hung a load of WSG “Do Not disturb unless its dumped” door hangers in all the toilets with our stall number on. Well apparently “People were very annoyed” as everyone thought the toilets were out of order. This misunderstanding of unless its dumped led to a total ban on us flyering the Manchester show, and saw Steve hauled into the organisers office. All we were doing was trying to spread the WSG love.

Talking of spreading the love, we didn’t mind anyone coming on the stall; young, old, or even our two planked friends the trusted skier. This open armed policy led to the Sapient Board we were giving away go to a skier. Sorry those of you who need a new board, best look out for a bargain Sapient board on eBay, or you never know we may have made our competition winner a convert from the dark side. One person who didn’t feel the WSG love, was a 6 foot 4 bald forty year old, who when asked if he’d like to win a board squared up to Steve and said “I don’t like snowboarders” not snowboarding but snowboarders, so much for acceptance.

So now the shows are over we’re now back home, keeping the site up to date and planning this winters resort visits. When you’re on your trips this season please take our book with you and if there’s anything we’ve missed then let us know. Once you’ve registered on our site, you can always let everyone else know by giving us Your View which will run along side our resort review, keep it clean.

One thing which was great for us was that many people who visited our stall hadn’t heard of us before. So keep on reading and riding, be safe but most of all keep on spreading the WSG word.