Park Etiquette

When you visit a new terrain park for the first time, take a moment to read the signs and information provided in the park.  Some areas or countries may have a slightly different program so the information provided could make a massive difference in how you enjoy the ride.

Some simple rules to follow that apply to all resort terrain parks round the world.
1) You must inspect and check out all the features that you will be using in the park before you start making runs.  Some parks do not build features the same way as other park builders do. What you rode on in Switzerland may not be the same type of design as the terrain park in Canada.
2) Always ride with in your ability and limit. Do not take unnecessary chances that can leave you hurt and seriously injured. Work your way up on the features. Learn easier tricks that help you develop your skills.  
3) Respect others riders and skiers in the park. Call you drop in. Don’t stop on the landing area. One person at a time on the features. Always watch were you are going and plan your route through the park.
Burton is promoting a program called Smart style through out the resort world.
Visit to get educated on the Burton program. This type of industry campaign is something you will see more of as you travel the world in search of that powder Mecca or ultimate park.  Many resorts in Canada are adopting this system of rating the size and difficulty of their terrain park features. We have a program that combines the Burton Smart Style signs and safety messages. Visit and check out our park tour for a sample of the program.