Terrain Park Introduction


The progression of parks!

10 years ago when you arrived in a resort and looked for the terrain park there would all to often not be one to be found. In many resorts people are still looking. When resorts finally got round to building a park it was often in a totally unsuitable place, nowhere near a lift or where the landings were flat. Half-pipes were rarely shaped and often placed where one side of the pipe got sun all day while the other just saw shade, leading to one rock hard wall and one misshaped pile of slush. But don’t be down heartened things are on the up. Ski executives were seeing their bonuses disappear as everyone was buying snowboards and turning their backs on the dark side. So they reinvented twin tips ski, with much success. This lead to skiers entering the parks and incorporating boarding moves into their aerials, and don’t they look more stylish? So the people in power within the resorts had to keep not just that passing trend of boarders, who just wouldn’t go away, happy but the future generations of skier’s content to. So parks moved from an after thought, to high up on the list of a resort development. They moved form the furthest most inaccessible spots to smack bang in the middle of resorts central station and are now a major draw to resorts. Often cheap lift tickets are sold for park only access, with many lit for night riding, with tunes blearing out all day and night. 
So with many resorts building bigger and better parks we at WSG hope park users will follow some basic advice on safety and etiquette in the park. More importantly is that resorts design parks that allow for natural progression from beginners to pro. Flynn Seddon has seen resorts turn full circle, when he started riding, boarders in Big White weren’t allowed on the lifts and had to walk up the mountain to catch freshes. Last year Big White handed him a large suitcase of money and told him build us a park that’s a world beater and we think he’s done it. It truly a park for everyone there’s hits, rails and pipes of all sizes, with a fantastic signage system allowing for that all important progression, how you ever going to go big, and avoid the hospital, without hitting a few small hits first.