Get learning some phrases and words ready for your next visit.


Good morning - ohayo gozaimasu
Good afternoon - konnichiwa
Good evening - konbanwa
Excuse me - sumimasen ga
Goodbye - sayonara
Goodnight - oyasumi nasai
Thank you - arigatou
Yes - Hai
No - lie



Do you speak English? - Eigoga hanasemasu ka
I don’t speak Japanese - Watashi wanihon-go ga hanasemasen
Where Is_station? - eki wa doko desu ka
A return ticket please - ofuku onegaishlmasu
One way - kala mlchi onega is hi masu
Does this train stop at ….. - kono densha wa ….. ni tomarimasu ka
How much Is it? - Ikura desu ka
Can you tell me the name of a good hotel?- ii hoteru wo shoukai shite kudasai
What is the (hotel’s) telephone number?- (hoteru no) denwa bango wa nan ban desu ka
A half-day lift pass, please - han nichi ken one gaishimasu
A one-day lift pass, please - ichi nichi ken onegaishimasu
A two-day lift pass, please - futsuka ken onegaishimasu
Where Is the lift/pipe/gondola/ski area? - lift/pipe/gondola/ski job wa doko ni ari masu ka
Is all the area open to boarders? - snowboard wa dokodemo dekimasu ka



Menrui (noodles):
Ramen - Chinese noodles
which are served in steaming hot soy sauce soup with pork Japanese spring onion, fish paste and seaweed Many varieties of this exist
- find your favourite.
Soba - Noodles - buck- wheat noodles often served in a hot soup with vegetables and seaweed, fried tofu or tempura (green peppers/
pumpkin/shrimp squid deep-fried In batter)
Udon - Noodles a thicker variety of noodles served in a hot soup as above.
Donburi (rice dishes)
Katsu don - pork cutlet with egg and onions in sweet soy sauce on ricE
Gyudon - Thin strips of beef on rice
Oden - Eggs/giant radish/fish paste/thick sea- weed stewed in fish stock and served hot.
Man - Soft Chinese filled rolls with meat, curry, pizza or sweet red bean.
Onigiri - Rice balls wrapped in seaweed paper often with different fillings.
The tuna-mayonnaise rice- ball is well adapted to western palettes.
Umeboshi (pickled plum) is a little more difficult to stomach.