Shine a torch into the ear of a boarder without insurance and sure enough there’ll be light coming out the other side. Only a fool would hit the slopes without good insurance. The main things to check in the small print of your policy is that it states:
• Snowboarding
• Off Piste (you don’t want to be crawling
  back to the piste with a busted leg)
• Personal Injury including repatriation.
• Personal Belongings including your board
• Curtailments, cancellation of flights etc 
If hiring kit make sure it’s insured on your policy or covered by the hire shop. It’s possible to get insurance with your lift pass in some countries but this will normally only cover getting you off the slopes and to the hospital.  

European Health Insurance Card

All EU nationals (inc UK) can get the free European Health Insurance Card which has replaced the old E111, pick up the form from the post office. This is no replacement for insurance but makes sure you’re covered for medical care and not charged, and is valid across all member states.


At least once when you go boarding you’ll hear the story that a van turned up at the resort and nicked a load of boards from outside a bar. Make sure you look after your board and that your insurance policy covers the full value of it. Its worth spending a tenner and buying a board lock. It may not look cool, but it’ll save you when you stumble back to the bar you started drinking in 8 hours ago trying to find it.
If you do get anything stolen then contact the police, you probably won’t get it back, but it will help with your claim.