Lifts will vary around the world, the main types and their differences are described below!

Drag lifts

Are the most basic and normally entail sticking something uncomfortable between your legs and letting it pull you up the hill. Beginners will often find themselves being dragged up the mountain with their face in the snow. Beginners are advised to travel on drag lifts with their rear foot released from its binding, as it allows for a quick getaway should you fall off, and just try and relax your body and look forward. 


Chair lifts

Make for a more comfortable journey and should also be used with your rear foot out of its binding, just remember to keep the board flat and pointing straight when getting on and off. 

Bubble/Gondola and Cable Cars

Are enclosed shells, normally with seats which are suspended from a cable and usually the fastest way to the top of the mountain. Some resorts have Funiculars which are underground trains that are incredibly efficient. Some resorts won’t let you on the lifts without a leash on your board so stick one in your pocket in case you meet a fussy lift operator. 

Magic Carpets

Magic carpets are normally found on learner slopes and are a moving conveyor belt that taqkes you up the slopes.