Farmers Almanac predict a snowy US this season

Wed 13 September 06

I'm taking any indications of a good winter ahead as a reason to get excited. Cold & plenty of snow is the predicted, and these guys claim to be 80 to 85% accurate ...

After a brutally hot summer in most of the country, cool news is on the way. The new edition of the Farmers’ Almanac, which blows into town every year around the end of August, contains some chilly predictions for the upcoming winter.

"Shivery is not dead” reveals the 2007 Farmers’ Almanac, alluding to its winter weather forecast. “While global warming has taken up much of our attention (as well as news coverage), our winter predictions are pointing towards widespread cold from coast to coast, especially for the western sections of the country,” shares Peter Geiger, Philom., Editor. Geiger continues, “The cold may not be as frigid as 30 or 40 years ago, but we do expect this to be the coldest winter we’ve seen for quite a few years.” And, after last year’s unusual warmth, this chill might make winter harder than usual.

The 2007 Farmers’ Almanac, released August 28, 2006, predicts the frigid temperatures, as much as 20 degrees below seasonal norms (and nearly 40 degrees colder than last winter), for Montana, the Dakotas and parts of Wyoming. For the Gulf Coast up through New England, unseasonably cold, or “shivery,” conditions are expected.

Snow, and lots of it, is also forecast for the nation’s midsection, parts of New England, and the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. “The Great Lakes and Ohio River Valley may be the only area spared the extreme cold,” reveals Sandi Duncan, Philom., Managing Editor, “but this is not to say this area won’t be without its cold spells and significant snowfalls.”

The Farmers’ Almanac, which has been providing long-range weather predictions every year since 1818, bases its forecasts on a top secret mathematical and astronomical formula. Many who follow its predictions say they are 80 to 85% accurate. Last winter, the Farmers’ Almanac had forewarned of a “polar coaster” winter, with lots of fluctuations on the thermometer. While the winter warmth and lack of snow in many areas made headlines, the 2007 Farmers’ Almanac uses New York City as an example of its polar coaster prediction’s accuracy

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, “The [New York] city experienced one of its driest and mildest winters in recent years, yet it also received more than 40 inches of snow. This was the fourth consecutive year that a snowfall total of at least 40 inches was recorded.”

If you don’t like the shivery forecast, hang on. The 2007 Farmers’ Almanac, which includes 16 months (September 2006 through December 2007) of zoned weather predictions, is also calling for a very warm and dry summer for most areas of the country.

In addition to predicting the weather, the 2007 Farmers’ Almanac provides unique advice, witty wisdom, and informative articles on ways to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. “Gardening calendars, fishing information, astronomical times, recipes and more are also an integral part of the Farmers’ Almanac,” states Geiger. In the all-new 2007 Farmers’ Almanac, you can learn how to use Jell-O to cure smelly feet, discover what turducken is and why you might want to serve it at your next holiday dinner, learn why you should fill your gas tank in the morning rather than the afternoon, find out if cold weather really does cause colds, and pick up tips on driving in foul weather, ideas on how to protect your pets from weather’s extremes, and much more.

This year’s Farmers’ Almanac is propounding a way to capture the maximum amount of daylight without causing more morning darkness. Daylight saving time is being expanded in 2007, but just how much daylight are we really saving? The Farmers’ Almanac looks at the pros and cons of daylight saving time and proposes its own, better plan to utilize DST to its fullest.

Available at, and at grocery and bookstores everywhere, starting August 28, 2006, the 2007 Farmers’ Almanac contains page after page of valuable, informative and fun tips, secrets, ideas, and articles. “It contains something for everyone – young and old, city or farm folk; it is a must-read,” says Geiger.

About the Farmers’ Almanac:

The Farmers’ Almanac, which features an orange and green cover, has been published every year since 1818. It not only contains useful and interesting articles but also long-range weather predictions, gardening advice, recipes, and more. Editors Peter Geiger and Sandi Duncan are available for lively and informative interviews by phone or in person. They love to talk about the weather, share some useful Almanac trivia and advice, and discuss the latest movement sweeping across North America, “getting back to the simple life.”

The Farmers' Almanac is such an important part of American life that is has inspired the creation of a new television program, now airing on public television stations throughout the United States. “Farmers' Almanac TV”™, a new 30-minute magazine-style series, brings to life stories celebrating the good life of both rural and urban America, with segments in over a dozen lifestyle categories, including gardening, cooking, wellness, weather, and household hints. More information on the series can be found by visiting

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