Major Plans at Tiffindell

Tue 04 September 07

New runs, new chair and new apartments replacing those old wooden shacks

Major Plans at Tiffindell

Major Plans at Tiffindell ©

Tiffindell Ski Resort, South Africa’s only ski resort, is a premier destination for fun, adventure-filled holidays – and the resort is about to get a further boost with a R400-million development by its new owner, which will enhance the existing winter facilities and offer an entirely new spectrum of summer activities.

Proposed Tiffindell new courtyard development

The state-of-the-art development will make Tiffindell the ultimate “all-season” resort, catering for both the winter and summer visitor. The 25,000m2 development will include several new runs, a new four-seater chair lift, and the construction of a Fractional Hotel, which will include amenities such as restaurants and cafés, a conference centre, gym and Spa and Wellness Centre.

In addition, the public has been given an opportunity to invest in this premier five-star lifestyle, with fractional options starting at R340,000 for a two-bedroom unit, and up to R590,000 for a four-bedroom unit. This fractional ownership offering amounts to one week in winter and two in summer and opens up this exciting opportunity for many potential buyers – many of whom are already on a waiting list.

“Tiffindell has always been an adventure destination, but this new development caters for a much broader market – providing a more relaxed offering and a luxury upmarket destination for those who want the best of both worlds,” says David Taylor, CEO. “With a wide variety of activities for both young and old, and expert child care available, the new Tiffindell will be an ideal family destination.”

The development of multiple runs, as well as a new ice rink, will enhance winter activities. Access to the runs will be much easier thanks to the new chair lift.

A range of summer recreational activities will also be introduced, such as fly-fishing, horseback riding, BMX and Quad Bike riding, mountain biking, camping, mountain climbing and hiking. Those seeking an adrenalin rush will enjoy the skateboard park, the grass skiing and the flow rider, where visitors can learn how to surf.

Tiffindel new courtyard development


Construction is due to begin in January 2008, with expected completion of phases 1 & 2 in winter 2009. A new runway that will accommodate weekly flights will be completed in time for the 2008 snow season.

The development will give a much needed boost to employment in the Eastern Cape with 1,500 jobs being created during construction and a further 1,500 sustainable jobs thereafter.

“Additionally, the new positioning of the resort will attract many more KZN and Cape visitors,” says Taylor. Almost 60% of Tiffindell’s visitors have originally come from Gauteng but latest stats show an increase in the number of Cape Town tourists, with this figure set to increase.

Approximately 80,000 to 100,000 South Africans travel overseas for snow skiing every year, and the new Tiffindell development is set to capture a larger share of this market particularly as travelling to America and Europe is becoming more costly, and obtaining visas is becoming more difficult. “By developing a first class resort with a variety of leisure activities, we are offering these travellers a similar experience right on our doorstep. We are expecting our figures to increase by 30% next year, especially with the improved skiing, more snowmaking and better ski lifts on offer,” concludes Taylor.

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