Winter X Games 12 has a $1million prize fund

Mon 21 January 08

250 atheletes in snowboard, skiing and snowmobile will be competing for a prize purse totalling US$1million

Largest Purse Awarded For Any Winter Multi-Action Sporting Event Total 2008 Global X Games Prize Purse to Exceed $3,000,000

More than 250 athletes from around the globe in the sports of skiing, snowboard and snowmobile will be competing at Winter X Games 12 for a million dollars in prize money, the first million dollar purse in X Games history.

Medalists will see the largest increase, with first-place finishers receiving 50 percent more than last year. With the overall purse for Winter X Games 12 increased by 38 percent from last year, the total prize purse for all X Games events to be held in 2008 now exceeds $3 million. This year, X Games events will be held in Aspen, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Dubai and two other international markets which will be announced soon.

“ESPN is committed to ensuring that the best action sports athletes in the world compete on action sports’ grandest stage – the X Games,” said Rick Alessandri, senior vice president and managing director, X Games franchise. “As the X Games continues its global expansion, we look forward to working with the athletes to bring the best in action sports to all parts of the globe as well as to discovering new and upcoming athletes.”

Shaun Palmer will be competing in the Snowboarder X competition as the oldest snowboarder to compete in the history of Winter X Games at the age of 39. “This year will be my 10th X Games, and it gets better every year,” said six-time Winter X Games gold medalist, said Palmer. “It’s good to see the prize money in action sports match the caliber of talent.”

Riders announced so far


Travis Rice, United States
Andreas Wiig, Norway
Torstein Horgmo, Norway
Kevin Pearce, United States


Antti Autti, Finland
Mathieu Crepel, France
Austin Smith, United States
Eero Ettala, Finland
Marc Frank Montoya, United States
Charles Guldemond, United States
Torstein Horgmo, Norway
Danny Kass, United States
Scotty Lago, United States
Jussi Oksanen, Finland
Travis Rice, United States
Eddie Wall, United States
Shaun White, United States
Andreas Wiig, Norway
Mason Aguirre, United States
Mikkel Bang, Norway
Lonnie Kauk, United States
Pat Moore, United States
Eero Niemela, Finland
Kevin Pearce, United States


Jamie Anderson, United States
Hana Beaman, United States
Torah Bright, Australia
Erin Comstock, United States
Tara Dakides, United States
Kimmy Fasani, United States
Claudia Fliri
Jenny Jones, United Kingdom
Priscilla Levac, Canada
Cheryl Maas, Netherlands
Janna Meyen, United States
Silvia Mittermueller, Germany
Spencer O'Brien, Canada
Leanne Pelosi, Canada
Marie-France Roy, Canada
Chanelle Sladics, United States
Megan Ginter, United States
Anne Flore-Marxer, Switzerland
Kjersti Oestgaard-Buaas Norway
Alexis Waite, United States

Boarder-X - MEN

Nick Baumgartner, United States
Jonathan Cheever, United States
Paul Henri de le Rue, France
Rob Fagan, Canada
Mario Fuchs, Austria
Damon Hayler, Australia
Nate Holland, United States
Pat Holland, United States
Ben Jacobellis, United States
Drew Neilson, Canada
Michal Novotny, Czech Republic
Shaun Palmer, United States
Alex Pullin, Australia
Markus Schairer ,Austria
Alberto Schiavon, Italy
Stian Sivertzen, Norway
David Speiser, Germany
Ross Trulove, United States
Pierre Vaultier ,France
Tom Velisek, Canada
Graham Watanabe, United States
Seth Wescott, United States
Ludovic Guillot-Diat, France
Michael Layer, Germany
Mateusz Ligocki, Poland
Simone Malusa, Italy
Konstantin Schad, Germany
Jason Smith, United States
Derek Wintermans, Canada
Mike Robertson, Canada

Boarder-X WOMEN

Joanie Anderson, United States
Mellie Francon, Switzerland
Sandra Frei, Switzerland
Tanja Frieden, Switzerland
Zoe Gillings, United Kingdom
Lindsey Jacobellis, United States
Sandra Jekova, Bulgaria
Jordan Karlinski, United States
Kathrin Kellenberger, Switzerland
Doresia Krings, Austria
Dominique Maltais, Canada
Helene Olafsen, Norway
Maelle Ricker, Canada
Diane Thermoz-Liaudy, France
Callan Chythlook-Sifsof ,United States
Susanne Moll, Austria
Marni Yamada, United States
Brooke Shaw, United States


Mason Aguirre, United States
Ryoh Aono, Japan
Antti Autti, Finland
Tommy Czeschin, United States
Andy Finch, United States
Steve Fisher, United States
Danny Kass, United States
Scotty Lago, United States
Risto Mattila, Finland
Kevin Pearce, United States
Iouri Podladtchikov, Switzerland
Shaun White, United States


Molly Aguirre, United States
Lizzy Beerman, United States
Clair Bidez, United States
Gretchen Bleiler, United States
Torah Bright, Australia
Kelly Clark, United States
Elena Hight, Canada
Mercedes Nicoll, Canada
Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas, Norway
Manuela Pesko, Switzerland
Hannah Teter, United States
Dominique Vallee, Canada
Tricia Byrnes, United States
Kaitlyn Farrington, United States
Ellery Hollingsworth, United States
Lindsey Jacobellis, United States
Paulina Ligocka, Poland
Cheryl Maas, Netherlands
Soko Yamaoka, Japan
Jamie Anderson, United States

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