Val Thorens to improve parks for 2008/9

Tue 30 September 08

An much enlarged terrain park, addition of another drag lift to service it, and a new boardercross are the major changes this season

Terrain Park Expansion

300,000euros is being invested this season in improving the terrain park at Val Thorens this season.

The terrain park that opened in the Plateau sector last season is being expanded by 18,000 m² (4.5acres) . A new 500 metre long hand rail, the enlargement of the beginners’ learning area with more educational and fun elements and the improvement to the expert zone.

The installation of a second drag lift, doubling up the Plateau drag lift, reinforces the access to the park.


A new boardercross in the 2 Lacs sector. 1,4 km long and over a height fall of 350 metres, this fun area links whoops, jumping table and raised bends.

Environmental changes

- Mountain upkeep: In Val Thorens the SETAM (the ski lift company) is responsible for the vegetation, gass covering and the majority of the piste landscaping. The piste compagny is responsable for the snow coverage and the piste upkeep.
- Artificial snow: a 100% natural process without additives. Thanks to the low temperatures, the water droplets, propelled into the air, transform into snowflakes.
- The ski lift company, (SETAM), is committed as much as possible to waste management, energy economy, limitation of atmosphere and noise pollution, preserving the water reserves as well as protecting the countryside.
- For several years now, the SETAM has followed a QSE (Quality Safety Environment) policy which allowed it to obtain, in October 2007, in addition to the ISO 9001 certification (quality), the certifications ISO 14 001 (environment) and OHSAS 18 001 (personnel safety). During the summer 2008, the SETAM employed 2 students for a month to pick up the rubbish from the pistes.
- Rubbish selection: over 50 points for rubbish separation are available throughout the commune.
- Parking is regulated to reduce pollution and contribute extra comfort to tourists.
- Pocket ashtrays are on sale at the Tourist Office.
- The Val Thoren’s bowling is heated using a wood-burning boiler.
- In Val Thorens, traffic has been limited in order to reduce pollution and give extra comfort to holiday makers. To this end, underground and outdoor car parks have been built and free shuttle buses run around the whole resort.
- An eco-event takes place every year to make holiday makers more aware of mountain environmental issues.
- Used vegetable oil from the restaurants is collected to be recycled into bio-carburant. Each year about 20 000 litres of oil are collected this way in the commune.
- The Valley’s environmental mascot, a small marmot, reminding us of daily eco-citizen actions appears on posters and signposts throughout the resort.
- An info-spot about rubbish separating is broadcast on the local radio to remind holiday makers to separate their rubbish.

[Adapted from press release]

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