Nissan Tram Face results

Thu 05 March 09

After a fantastic first day of competition on the Silverado Face, a winter storm hit the California mountains thus the second day of competition of the Tram Face cannot take place

Nissan Tram Face results

Nissan Tram Face results ©

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Day 1 - Silverado hosts the first day of competition

The first stage of the Nissan Tram Face Squaw Valley USA took place today on the impressive Silverado face with excellent conditions. The 53 riders qualified for the only North American stage of the Freeride World Tour amazed the crowd under the California sun. Before launching the second day of competition on the mythical Tram Face at the beginning of the week, the athletes and organizers are anxiously awaiting the snowfall predicted this weekend: everything will then be perfect to mark a page in the history of freeride.

The American riders dominated the Silverado face
The snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Susan Moll won the first day of competition with an excited crowd cheering on all the athletes and their amazing runs. Jeremy Jones, the emblematic rider from Squaw Valley, mastered the terrain with a fluid line and great jumps. Jonas Emery from Switzerland took second with one of the most original lines of the day coming down the center. Xavier de Le Rue from France, Freeride World Champion 2008, opened up the one of the toughest lines of the day with complete control in his jumps.

For the women, Susan Moll, winner of the Freeride World Qualifier in Crested Butte, won again today ahead of the favorite from Germany, Aline Bock, winner of the Nissan Russian Adventure – Sochi, and Charlotte Hagen from Norway. The women truly impressed the spectators present at the bottom of the face, especially the Freeride World Champion 2008, Elyse Saugstad. She won the women’s ski competition hands down with a fast run that could have competed with the men. Marja Persson from Sweden took second taking a similar line as Elyse. She was followed by Jen Ashton from Canada who went for the steepest area of the face taking third.

With the most original and risky line of the day topped off with an incredible jump, the Swede Reine Barkered surprised everyone taking first ahead of the favorites Henrik Windstedt also from Sweden, Freeride World Champion 2008, and Aurelien Ducroz from France, second at the Nissan Russian Adventure, who took the same line. Cody Townsend, the rider from Squaw Valley and favorite, took fourth with just a few points from the podium. Impatient to take on the Tram Face, Cody has already proclaimed “the Tram Face will separate the men from the boys!”

Day 2 - Nissan Tram Face

The Nissan Tram Face in Squaw Valley USA, second stage of the Freeride World Tour, ends with the cancellation of the second day. The organizers were obliged to regretfully cancel the much awaited second day focusing on the quality of the competition and riders’ security. The mythical Tram Face is still to be conquered. After a fantastic first day of competition on the Silverado Face (Friday, February 27th), a winter storm hit the California mountains thus the second day of competition of the Tram Face cannot take place. After having admired the slopes and thinking about possible lines, the Freeride World Tour riders will leave the United States for Europe for the third stage and a new challenge: the Nissan Freeride de Tignes that will take place Monday, March 9th

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Squaw Valley, USA

Snowboard Guide rating 9 out of 10 “One of the best resorts out there - with snowboarding to suit all levels and styles. Excellent parks, fantastic off piste and good novice slopes. Very good local services too.”

Nissan Tram Face, Squaw Valley

27 Feb-5 Mar 09

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