Teams line up for the Jib Vid

Fri 13 March 09

Onboard, Whitelines, Lockdown Projects, Oakley Snowboard featuring WSG contributor Vicci Miller, and my favourite Cheeseburgers will be lining up for the Oakley Jib-Vid which runs 25th-27th March

This year the Oakley Jib-Vid received a record number of team entries (38 in total) and all of an incredibly high standard. The fantastic response to the contest meant we had to spend an extra 48 hours making our team selection to ensure we went through all of the team video links and information thoroughly. Due to the high standard we found it impossible to single out 15 teams so have extended the number of start spots to 18.

Below we have the list of the teams who have been selected to compete in the Oakley Jib-Vid 2009. Thanks to everyone who registered and we hope to see you in Mayrhofen in a couple of weeks or your entry in next year’s contest.

- Tom Elliott, Joonas Mustanen, Niki Korpela
Lockdown Projects
- Tim Warwood, Scott Mcmorris, Paddy Graham
- Collum Mytton, Mike Austin, Robin Fenlon
Oakley Ski
- Mike Wakefield, Joe Murrel, Eddie Thelwell
Oakley Snowboard
- Tyler Chorlton, Vicci Miller, Chris Kelly
Oakley Tigers
- Phillip Strauss, Erik Botner, Niko Jentsch
The Hippies
- Tom Klocker, Stef Zeestraten, Filmer tbc
The Seeker
- Thomas Tramnitz, Benny Wetscher, Bernhard Dengg
- Jasper Bakker, Dio Homman, Joris Nijdeken
Team name tbc
- Halldor Helgason, Chris Sorman, Richard Prendergast
- Billy Neilson, Mark Ruperelia, Rich Hookes
- Fredrik Evenson, Andre Kuhlmann, Alex Schiller
Grenade team
- Dan Wakeham, Sam Cullum, Dom Harington
Protest team
- Florian Heim, Steve Kroell, Julian Pintarelli
- Matthias Vogt, Gregor Kienzle, Niclas Loeffler
Chamonix 9000 vertical feet
- Johno Verity, Ben Kilner, James Webb
Team Burton
- James Carr, Gary Greenshields, Tom Guilmard
- Tobias Strauss, Alex Tank, Felix Urbauer

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Mayrhofen, Austria

Snowboard Guide rating 8 out of 10 “Big area, with some decent freeriding, and maybe the best park in Austria. Has a big British seasonaire contingent, and the home of Snowbombing and the Altitude festivals.”

Oakley Jib Vid 09 - Mayrhoffen

25-27 March 09

You've got 28hrs for you and a few mates to create a 2-minute film that will turn heads and earn you 10k euros