NIKITA Clothing back in UK stores

Fri 25 August 06

After a few years of legal ramblings they can now sell their wares in the UK, and have launched a new range for snowboarders.

After what seemed like aeons, brand NIKITA is back on top and shouting from the rooftops. Having tousled for the past 3 years about the trademark rights in the UK, NIKITA belongs solely to the Icelandic clothing company founded by designer Heida Birgisdottir back in 2000.

NIKITA started existence in a tiny snow / skate / streetwear shop in Reykjavik, Iceland, the launch and subsequent success of NIKITA hit the streetwear industry by storm in over 25 countries worldwide. In need of clothing to fit her lifestyle, Heida created the brand ‘for girls who ride’, who’d have thought that when she started the small company just 6 years ago that she would have needed to register the brand name worldwide from the word go.

Heida commented that among the first countries to welcome NIKITA was the UK;

We started introducing Nikita in the UK through our friends at A4 distribution five years ago and it was going very well…until one day we got a letter on our fax machine stating that the rights to the brand name was owned by another company in England. It was just a total freak coincidence, but a company in Leicester had been using the name partly for their products. We had the rights to the Nikita name in all these other countries and wanted to own the rights for it in the UK… it has taken three years to figure out a deal between us and the other company and during this time we have not been able to communicate our clothing to our customers with any certainty. This situation has finally been solved so now we are happy and proud to announce that there is only ONE Nikita in town, and its ours!”

Extremely chuffed with the move forward, all at NIKITA are forever grateful to their customers in the UK who have stood by the brand. The new Autumn/Winter 2006/2007 collection has also just dropped into loyal snow/skate/street stores in the UK.

BIG NEWS - Excitingly, NIKITA have produced and will also be delivering the brands first ever range of technical outerwear for the snowboarders. The Outerwear offers just 4 jackets and 3 pants, perfect for all boarding needs. Whether you are looking for high-end styles with fully taped seams, waterproof zippers, fully watertight and breathable to the more affordable that can still take the cold biting winds when riding, who better to trust than the Icelandic riders behind NIKITA.

NIKITA clothing is Street Clothing For Girls Who Ride. Team Nikita includes Natasza Zurek, Lisa Filzmoser, Mimi Knoop, Laura Hadar, Darlene Conolly, Keiko Yanagisawa, Christel Thoresen, Rafaële Deguéhégny, Vera Janssen, Colleen Quigley, Peppa. Minna Hesso, Lucy Adams, Julia Baumgartner, Martine Veldhoen, Jill Viggiani, Sabine Doppelhofer, Magalie Dubois, Claire Meillat, Rosemary Williams, Maribeth Swetkoff, Nabila ‘B” Piper, Juliane Bray, Jolene Van Vugt, Noelia Núñez and José Meijboom.

[From official press release]

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