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User rating 7 out of 10

Thu 20 December 2012 by Dan42

A good resorts for beginners and maybe intermediates as the number of in resort slopes are limited. You do however get a pass which gives you access to the entire Vallnord area (Arinsal, Pal and Arcalis).

The night life is great and there are plenty of reasonably priced restaurants to eat at/. If you're on a really tight budget a few of the bars do free food (toasties and nachos) when you buy a drink before a certain time of day.

I'd recommend this resort to younger groups of mainly new boarders or skiers on a budget. Even those more experienced can find enough to do to stay entertained (for a week anyway) if you make use of the other piste areas available and get good conditions. If you like to bomb around on piste for hours then I'd give this one a miss.

User rating 6 out of 10

group of 6 went

Fri 1 April 2005 by SpikeSteve

hi ya.

the reason i went to this place was because it was a deal in a travel agent window.

a group 6 guys encluding myself went on a week holiday here. and i have to say for anyone who is thinking of starting snowbaording and fancys a cheap holiday. come here. the slopes are great for newbies, theres loads of food and drink in the resort. as for the town its full of the same shop. but the good thing is about 5 bars 1 nightclub and i can recomend the eatery next to the irish bar.. good food.

and of course the last selling point i can give you is.. if you are buying drink and smokes.. dirt cheap doesnt even come close to describing the prices. i got a bottle of absinth for 4 eruos.. not bad.

so to sum up.. go here for a starter hol, a drunken night or just for ciscos.. heaven

User rating 4 out of 10

Quality for beginners

Mon 16 August 2004 by keri

I think the 1/10 given is a little harsh and need to be taken into context.

Arinsal is a very basic mountain BUT it is absolutely perfect for beginners, i have been skiing for many years but me and some mates learned to snowboard here and i have never been to a resort more suited to beginers than this.

Oh and the night life for a small town is amazing, if you want to learn go here, as you will enjoy on and off mountain activites very much indeed !

User rating 8 out of 10

Jan 04

Sun 11 January 2004 by clem

For a first timer, this is a fantastic resort. Plenty of nursery slopes to practice on, decent reds and some shaky blacks. the tuition we had was comprehensive and precise, i was up on my feet within hours, bombing and carving the reds by the 4th day.

the local bars, restaurants and supermarkets are all very cheap, there's always a good laugh to be had apres ski or later on at night. (check out ciscos' resident DJ will)

i can't recommend it enough. i'm definitely going back for a cheap one soon.