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Wonderful time in Las Lenas

Fri 25 September 2009 by andy58

I just got back from spending 2 months in Las lenas....for sure, if you go that far, just for 4 days, it could be a bit of a gamble since you are in Argentina and everything is more calm than your traditional resorts in North America.....but isn't it the reason why you go that far?

Four days is definitely not enough for this mountain!! Las lenas has some amazing expert skiing!!! There are thrills for every one; from steep and skinny straight lines to cliffs and couloirs and nice backcountry, there was never a boring day over there...but you have to be patient and resourceful....(bring skins for more freedom) Intermediates will also enjoy this mountain wich offers terrain for every one. With the excellent value of your money, the size of the mountain and the possibilities that the backcountry has to offer, Las lenas is definitely a place to check out.

We contacted Las Lenas Ski company ( ) in order to organize a special program in Las Lenas. I was impressed with their follow through after I had contacted them for a price quote, which was extremely fair. They spent hours with me on the phone and via email creating and re-adjusting the plan for my friends and I.


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it´s an awful joke

Thu 20 July 2006 by Jeff5

What happens when you take potentially the best lift serviced mountain in the world, put 5 meters of snow on the summit, and give it to a bunch of Argentinians to try to run? You get Las Leñas. At the first flake of snow, they shut down the lifts. Get a lot of snow, the Marte lift might be hit by an avalanche and break down. Got poor visibility, they give you about 100 vertical feet of open terrain because every other run was built in an avalanche path. Got nothing to do during the day, don´t plan on spending your day in the lodge, there isn´t one. It´s all restaurants. Want to check you bag for the day? A one time use locker runs 9 pesos in high season (about $3 US). Everywhere you turn they´re trying to get you to pay for something or other. Can´t even eat your own sandwhich on on of the decks without a waiter saying "no puedes picnicar acá". Want to save money by staying in Malargue? Shuttle busses to the slopes run once in the morning and once in the afternoon. No chance of getting first lift or going home early. Lift tickets? They cost less per day in many US resorts. Overall, it´s one of the most poorly managed ski areas I´ve ever been to.

That said, it´s reputation for terrain is certainly well-deserved. There is more extreme terrain here than you could ski in a week. The only problem is getting to it.

Do not go in July if you can help it, the weather is too unstable. September is the best month, after the yearly Santa Rosa storm. Good luck, and remember that the concept of service is decidedly different in South America.

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Fri 9 January 2004 by The Master

Loved the remoteness and small size. When there is loads of snow one of the must visit places on the planet. If not the ice will start to bug. The wind is the coldest and most extreme I have ever experienced especially going up the Marte lift. Well worth it for the ride down though.

Don't expect life in bars at kicks off at midnight. That said worth waiting for because of the stunning women. Argentina is full of beauties but learn some spanish...

It is sooo cheap to eat out £10GBP will feed you like a king. 4 beers are £1...purrfect.

Get there before the Arge peso rises and you won't be disappointed...but check the snow forcasts beforehand.

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Las Lenas, Argentina

Wed 15 October 2003 by poostache

If you like a wee tipple after a hard day on the slopes, then you'll be drinking alone. Apres ski in Las Lenas is non-existent, if fact they even seem to frown upon it. The nightlife starts around midnight and can finish up until 6am! This may put a different twist on your holiday.

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by WSG Steve

We went there in August. Just keep an eye on the weather as it either dumps or theres nothing, in August there was nothing. Theres also a tendancy for the lifties to stop the lifts for any breeze leaving you shivering away for a good while. Having said that though, its what you make of it, so most enjoyable.