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Excellent resort

Wed 19 March 2014 by RelativNeu

Had a great week in Laax Flims Falera. The resort is almost all south facing so it gets a lot of sun, which is nice. There is a lot of easy and relatively safe freeriding to be had if there is fresh snow, although I guess those looking for advanced and extreme off piste action might get a bit bored here and should stick to the likes of Chamonix.

The lifts and infrastructure are excellent but I think the secret is out about the resort as it didn't strike me as especially quiet, like some of the older reviews mention. Having said that, we never had to queue for more than a minute or two at the more popular lifts.

We stayed in Flims town which was really very lovely and laid back. The quiet atmosphere was a nice break from dodging the puddles of sick at the Austrian party towns. I'd say Laax is pretty much perfect for a couple's snowboarding holiday! As it's in die Schweiz, it's obviously a bit more pricey than some other destinations. We loaded up our car with food before we left, took packed lunches and mostly cooked for ourselves and that way it's definitely possible to do it on the cheap.

One of the main reasons I wanted to write this review, is that a lot reviews online (especially at snow-forecast) have nightmare stories of arriving for a week and the lifts being shut the whole time. Due to these reviews we were pretty apprehensive about this before we arrived but it was no issue at all when we were there. The whole resort was open the whole time, so don't let those reviews put you off so long as you plan to go during the main's well worth the trip!

I think WSGs rating is bang on. For me, it's in the next rung down after the blockbuster resorts, and as such is a bit more laid back. If you get some fresh snow you will definitely be entertained off piste here for a long time. If you're sticking to the pistes you can easily cover the whole resort in a 3-4 days. I'm not a big park rat, but it seemed to have lots of options if that's your thing.

User rating 10 out of 10


Thu 28 August 2008 by Hireaman

My friends and I discovered Laax/Flims in November last year having met after we all moved to Italy to start new jobs. We loved it so much its the only resort we visited for the whole season as others we tried just did not come close, weekend after weekend we drove 3 hours up there because its such a great place!

The people are great as are the bars and hotels, the rosort is just built for snowboarding with some of the best off piste and back bowls i have ever ridden, fast efficent and modern lifts and services and a genuinly laid back feel.

We became regulars at the Arena Hotel in Flims which is right next to the basestation and has and excellent bar and club. My recommendation is do not stay in Laax its self, stay in Flims as that is where all the shops, bars, clubs and restaurants are, laax has very little outside of the Riders Palace.

As stated above its not cheap but it is definitly worth it! Even during peak season the slopes can be empty, and you can get pleanty of piste to play with plus very few skiiers!!!!

There are several terriane parks offering fun for all levels and of course the worlds best half pipe, which is a monster!!!! - if its not your thing there are some great natural pipes to be found if you go off adventuring!

Personally we will probably never go anywhere else!


User rating 10 out of 10

The Best Boarding Resort In Switzerland

Wed 15 November 2006 by Peter10

At the grand old age of 33 I decided, after much ribbing from my mates (and girlfriend) who all board, to give this snowboarding lark a try. I had skied in my teens and never really taken to it. So was naturally a bit dubious about trying another alpine sport. However once up and linking turns I was in my element.

And I think the thing that really made this first experience so pleasing was the resort. Laax is amazing. And it has a bit of everything for every level. I’ll be going for a fourth time in February. And each time I go I discover a different facet to this mountain as I improve. If you’re into freestyle, free ride or just cruising, it’s great. The Casons free rider area has the most amazing view from the top and is worth the two lift and one cable car ride up to it from Flims. The powder section at the bottom of the run is also a delight. But it can get a bit crusty if there hasn’t been any snow for a while

The Riders Palace is a really good option if there is a gang of you going….and you don’t mind sharing a room with four other men! The multi media suites are really cool , but they are a bit more pricey.

My only caveat about Laax is that it is not a budget destination. But then snowboarding is an expensive sport. So it’s probably worth putting your hand in your pocket!