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head here when theres no snow in slovenia

Mon 10 December 2007 by robin5

this is the home of "franz klammer" quite a lot of big pisted runs, fast modern lift system. the best thing about nassfeld is its location - when theres no snow in slovenia you can hop over the border to here and its pretty much snow sure eg kransja gora had none wheras nassfeld had about 1metre base. when we were there there wasent enough snow cover for the park/ halfpipe to be open - but that was the same everywhere in europe (jan 07) we were thankful to have snow and made the best of it - one particular run in the central area - 23/23a - is a jib fest, after exploring the whole area over a day or 2 we found ourselves going down this same run time after time - theres banks, tree jibs, rock wall rides, boulder spine, mellow butter section, streams to ollie over, camels - even an s spine near the bottom - so much fun! the cube hotel is the place to stay - right at the foot of the mountain, the bars are limited but great fun with loads of friendly drunken germans/austrians - great restaraunts too. all in all a nice little resort to go to if things dont pan out weatherwise accross the border