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Steinplatte NOT dull

Sun 24 August 2008 by Christiaan

I have been to Waidring twice now and snowboarding on Steinplatte. I do not agree with the "World Snowboard Guide" review (I just ordered the book and hope it's not a waste of money) and guess you guys probably have not been there (yet) so your review is biased. It offers a wide variety of nice and easy (blue) and did a I mention wide slopes as well as good red one's and the odd black runs. As a snowboarder I like the fact you can go off-piste a lot and cross over from one run to the other, changing thick powder for groomed piste. They are a maintaining a small park with some big air jumps on the one run and in town they are now offen putting up nice rails, jibs and big air jumps - also for night-boarding. NOT dull. Waidring is very affordable and have no big crowds. So please do not tell people about this great place good for families and various levels of snowboarders and skiers - ski schools, good shops (Intersport on site) and send them all to big expensive resorts. Oh and btw, in Feb 07 when all the fancy resorts had no snow they bussed all their people to Steinplatte who had great snow on all slopes. Dec 07 and Feb08 again had fantastic snow.