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User rating 8 out of 10

A small, yet perfectly formed resort.

Mon 20 November 2006 by Peter10

So it’s not the biggest resort in Canada…but for my money Sunshine is a bit of a hidden gem. If like me you got a deal to stay in Banff town which is in easy reach on Mount Norquay, Lake Louise and Sunshine then it’s worth opting to spend at least a day at Sun shine as the terrain is surprisingly varied for such a small resort. The High speed bubble is really quick and takes you right into the heart of the resort, giving you three separate and very different areas to have a crack at.

The goat eye is the first one you come to and probably has the highest and most extreme terrain to ride. Getting to the top is a bit of an icy experience as once you past a certain point the trees disappear and the chair is exposed to the elements. But once your at the top and past the initial drop in you have about eight runs to choose from which range from easy-ish cruising to some serious steeps, drop offs and classic backcountry pow.

The Strawberry and Mount Standish are lower and less exposed. But if you’re trying to perfect catching air, hitting lips and generally goofing around to improve your jumping style, this area is a good option for an hour or two. There are also some lovely powder bowls just before the village that are great if you get them early when there’s been a bit of snow.

The lift up Continental divide is also a bit of a chilly ride. From the top, and as you drop into the left, there are a couple of very challenging double blacks. From here you can also access Delirium Dive and Silver City – neither of which I had the stomach for! To the right the runs are much more straightforward and offer a good warm up. Although watch out for a nasty little traverse and a flat half way down. My girlfriend caught a particularly nasty looking edge on our first day out.

You can’t run out from the village all the way to the car part, but the descent from the Wolverine/Jackrabbit to the bus stop at the bottom is loads of fun. If you peel of two the left from Jackrabbit there are some great powder bowls. Then you run out for what feels like two miles all the way to the bottom. We were there in Jan 06 and the snow was at a pretty good depth. But I’m told that when it’s been busy this gets stony and tracked out to f*&%. All I can say though is ….WOW! It is the most amazing run out. Switch back through trees, little hits of the sides of the track and unexpected stashes of pow when you cut the corners :-)

Don’t miss out on Sunshine. It gets loads of snow. And it’s got a little bit of Something for everyone.

User rating 6 out of 10


Thu 28 September 2006 by Sally3

I found sunshine a great 'quiet' get over the aching day but got VERY bored very quickly. There were celebrity sightings galore but i am sure this is only cos celebs can ski there without having to worry about looking like muppets on difficult slopes. This area is a mare if they have to close any of the runs and there is very little variation or challenge. Cafes are crowded and not great.

User rating 10 out of 10

Damn cool place

Wed 17 August 2005 by Stereotype

I had the great luck of being snowed in at Sunshine Village hotel, and had the hills to ours selves with power up to our waists. There are plenty of runs for all levels of Snowboarders and skiers, the food I thought was not badly priced and wide choice. I think Lake Louise holds the views and true glory of the Rockies, however I will split my future holidays between the 2 places.