Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Powder Springs


Freeriders have little to do here. The small hill was put here by the owners of the Cat-boarding company for small entertainment but if your serious about freeriding then there is plenty of off-piste and backcountry riding available if you don’t mind hiking for a few hours or have a snowmobile. If you do this ensure you have all the necessary equipment as there are no patrols off the hill.


Freestylers will not be pleased as there is little to offer for the freestyle taste. Park is dug by hand, but there was talk of extending the park for the new season. However even if this is the case the area used for the park is small so don’t expect too much. You can get a few hits down underneath the chairlift but that’s about it




Carvers will be dissapointed as there is not much in the way of carving available here. However if your Cat-boarding then ensure you specify the type of run you want so they can deliver you to the wide open areas so you are able to get in those wide arcs with no problem.


Beginners are best suited here as the hill seems to be made for beginner to intermediate levels. If you are taking lessons there is a section at the base of the hill on which to learn how to stand and handle the board. Once you can effectively turn or stay mostly on your feet you will be able to get on the hill and enjoy crowd free riding, which is ideal to build the confidence. For intermediate riders looking to get air for the first time the small terrain park offers this chance where you can fall to your hearts content without hearing chuckles in the background.

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