Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Mont Tremblant


Freeriders have a really good mountain to explore, with plenty of white knuckle trails with drop offs, trees and powder. For some excellent tree-riding, go to Emotion. This area is graded a double black diamond trail, so it's not for the weak-kneed.


Freestylers have a decent size halfpipe and park, located under the Express Flying Mile chair on the South side, and only takes a few minutes to reach. The park is well looked after and you also get to listen to some tunes blasting out of the P.A.


Carvers buckle up tight as you'll be able to show off in style on well-pisted trails with 'carve me up' written all over them. Geant, a long wide black run on the North side, is really fun, while Zag-Zag on the South side is a killer double black that tames out lower down.


Beginners Tremblant offers more than enough for first timers, with easy green and blue runs on the South side. Take the Express Tremblant chair and novices can ride from top to bottom, via La Crette and Nansen green trails. If you're a late (in the day) starter then you may wish to have a late lesson; for around C$10 you can have an evening instruction session.

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