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El Colorado

Tue 11 April 2006 by Stuart11

Firstly the transfer time from Santiago is closer to 90 minutes rather than the 40 minutes quoted here. However there are plenty of mini-bus services running up to the resorts, usually between 8-9am every day during the season.

El Colorado is one of the Three Valleys resorts, which also includes Valle Nevado and La Parva. El Colorado is not quite as chic, or modern, as Valle Nevado, but has a far less pretentious feel about it, and you can get down to some serious riding. I've been there two or three days after it's snowed and still found expanses of untracked powder to ride, without having to hike for miles.

The resorts caters well for all levels, and is spread over quite a large area, which also provides access to it's neighbouring resorts, although be warned your lift pass doesn't cover these other resorts.

The resort attracts mainly Chilean families, although also plays host to a fair few young snowboarders who are attracted to the resort's "fun" area which is full of varying sized kickers, and other delights. Whilst lift queues at neighbouring Valle Nevado can drive you mad El Colorado is quiet most of the year, except during festivals and weekends during the school holidays. Most days you can find that you have the slopes to yourself.

The resort has several ski/snowboard schools that are good quality and excellent value. A lesson gets you a free lift pass for the day! The resort also has a good infrastructure of restaurants, shops, and other facilities.

The other feature of El Colorado is that the resort is between 2400 and 3333 metres above sea level, almost guaranteeing decent conditions, but without suffering from problems with altitude sickness.

So if you're after decent snow, clear slopes, cheap prices, and some decent terrain to ride El Colorado is the place to come.