Your views on Brides Les Bains

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Mon 5 January 2004 by Wakes

Brides is the lowest resort with access to the three valleys. Access to the nearest ski area is Meribel 1450 via a 25 min ride on the Olympic Gondola which was built as part of the 1992 Olympic ski village. Apre Ski is VERY, VERY limited. You can count the bars on one hand which all seem to cater for locals. The only club in Brides is Le Cythere just below the Olympic Gondola lift, which was very expensive and again overun with locals. 10 euros to get in and 7 euros for a small beer. If you stayed for a week you would lose around 6 - 8 hours spent on the Gondola which is pretty much a whole days skiing. If you miss the last Gondola back from Meribel 1450 expect to pay 40 Euros for a Taxi home! Brides Les Bains is marketed as a cheap alternative to staying in Meribel where in fact it will cost you more all round. There is no Bus service to the village centre and Taxis seem to make up their own fares which range from 40 to 100 euros each way depending on the time of year. I recomend paying the extra money and stay in Mottaret which has a bus service to the village and ski in\ski out accmmodation.