Your views on Les Deux Alpes

User rating 10 out of 10


Sun 31 August 2008 by Meeho

Having been to Livigno, Sauze D'aulx, St.Anton/Lech, Tignes/Val D'Isere, Andorra, New Hampshire and Lake Tahoe, I can say that Les2Alpes is the best all round resort out there. I've been there on 2 winter hols (Mar 2007 & Feb 2008) and 1 summer hol (Aug 2008) and I can not wait to get back there. This resort always has good snow fall, the snowpark is outstanding (particularly in the summer) and the slopes are perfect for all levels. On top of that the town itslef has a great atmosphere. The locals/staff are extremely friendly and helpful. There are an endless amount of places to eat, be they beautiful restaurants or cheap take-aways. Finally, the nightlife is fantastic. Go to Secrets bar or the Polar Bear and you can't fail to have a great time.


User rating 6 out of 10

Okay when it snow's, but there are better resorts.

Tue 4 March 2008 by Peter10

I must just qualify my average rating of 2 Alps, by saying, it is not a bad resort by any means; its high so the snow depth is usually good, the runs are varied and can be tackled by beginners to experts alike, the lift system is pretty good and the resort itself is a lively ski in and out kind of place. That said there are a number of issues I had on my last trip that you should be aware of if you are planning a trip there. 1. The transfer time is long even from Grenoble. The mountain road is tortuously slow, so allow enough time for your return to the airport. Also if you are flying in from Lyon, that can be a three hour ball ache of a drive. 2. The nature of the ski area means that once your up, you have access to some amazing off piste, carving runs, steeps, black and generally awesome riding. However, to get all the way to the top of the Glacier can take over an hour when its busy. 3. The run back down, as mentioned in the WSG review, is either an annoyingly tracked out green path full of skiers slowly ploughing and falling their way back to the resort, or some sphincter clenching blacks, which no matter how much snow the place seems to get, are always icy as f&%*&! Dont get me wrong; I had a blast when I went over NY. But given the size and variety of Europe, there are plenty of other places Id head for before returning to Deux Alp.



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Thu 2 March 2006 by maggot

Went Jan 06, booked a week b4 we went and managed to get a firstchoice fully catered chalet with ducuzzi for £290, some people had paid £590, the chalet was great, slightly knackering walk to main slopes,u can get the bus. Night life was great, try smokies down by the main ski schools or secrets, my mate has been boarding for 10years and knows his stuff and he had great fun off piste up by the glacier. The lower runs turned to ice as the sun came off them later in the day but apart from that it was great for me and im just a beginner, up by the glacier was great wide and open. All of us who went which included some vet boarders would go back again.

User rating 8 out of 10

Summer Boarding

Wed 24 August 2005 by Tahlullah

Just come back from a week of boarding at this resort (August) and give it a positive thumbs up.

The resort itself is excellent, with something to please everyone. If you ever say you are bored in this resort, you have no pulse.

The glacier wasn't as good as I had hoped, due to the lack of snow, but this is a climatic problem. Nevertheless, we were still able to get some hours of fun in. More ice than I would have preferred, but understandable, and still ridable.

The resort is expensive, but it's a creeping expensive, you don't see it coming because everything seems so reasonable. You can still function fully without overstretching with some good planning and use of supermarket takeouts.

I hope to go again next year, but for the beginning iof the season, when they have had snow!!

Great place and highly recommended.

User rating 9 out of 10

can't wait to go back!

Mon 23 May 2005 by emily

i went to les deux alpes, back in 2000,and i had a real good time, although my snowboarding wasn't all that. now i have a few years under me belt, i can't wait to get back there! we had really good snow and the night life was rad!

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Great if we had some snow!!

Mon 17 January 2005 by t8yman

Went on 9th Jan 2005, no snow from 26th Dec and no snow when we left for at least 10 days apparently, so my review is a little dampened by the (very) poor conditions. For a family, I would rate this resort very highly, we had our 8 year old and 8 month old with us, and had a great time, the creche facilities at La Brunerie were excellent (run by Crystal) now onto the nitty gritty. Ski / Board school was crap, lessons were in the afternoon, so the first day for beginners was a wash out. And the lesson times/instructors changed every day. The slopes at the base station were a bit icy and hard to ride, gradually improving in quality as you went further up towards the glacier. Lift system was excellent, you can get right up to the glacier via 2 gondolas (the Jandri) and either TBar or funicular to the very top of the glacier. Conditions were good up there when there was only a light wind. Good varied runs for me as an intermedeate rider. Some great boardercross and minipark runs, which all go under the banner of "slider" runs- boardercross, gulley, canyons. Plenty to do, and a lot more given a bit of confidence and ability, the park was pretty big, as was the pipe, and I'm sure a more advanced rider would have been a lot busier than me! The resort is a good size, with plenty of varied restaurants and bars depending on your needs. Beer is about 5euros a pint, which is expensive. The only big negative I found was the high occurence of truly horrible narrow, near flat runs that cause a lot of walking, with huge steep drops to greet you if you are unfortunate enough to catch an edge whilst at the edge of the piste. The ice grotto up on the glacier is well worth a visit, and only 3.5euros to get in.

User rating 7 out of 10

Tue 9 March 2004 by WSG Steve

A good pant filling gondola if you don't like your heights to contend with, but its definitely worth it for the boadin. Theres a little jump off one of the main blues, that takes a photo of you, that you can buy later in town.

The Valentine black run back into town is usually sheet ice, stick to the sides or risk being taken out by a skier in freefall.

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Tue 27 January 2004 by Craig9

Very friendly resort. Locals always happy to speak English (my French is bad). Bit Expensive though. Good boarding at the higher levels. Not a huge variety of runs though. Lift system was good, but busy in the morning. Takes about 1 hour to get to the top station in the morning (worth it though).

User rating 9 out of 10

Les Deux is Le Bomb

Mon 3 November 2003 by Matt O

I loved the terrain. The resort town is just average, but I rode 14 hours on a plane to board and was greatly fufilled: Lots of well placed lifts, a funicular, varied terrain, glacier riding, and a good value for six day lift pass. It can get a little crowded on the family runs, but you figure out where to go as there much mountain to explore. The park was greatly inferior compared to Mammoth or Whistler Blackcomb, so go for the off piste riding not jibs or pipe. La Grave is good for a day, see review.