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The town has bowling, a cinema (with English films on some days) and an Ice Rink, which is right in the centre. It's pedestrianized on some days of the week and one way only the rest of the time, which adds to the small village atmosphere. The selection of restaurants is good; see the food section for more on that. There are a few snowboard shops mixed amongst a load of crap ski shops. A good recommendation is going into Morzine to visit The Park, Misty Fly or SlopeStyle. They've got good selections and are actually run by snowboarders. English people make up a large proportion of the local traders so you can expect people in the shops to understand some of your crazy island monkey language. It's still best to try some French first though.

Les Gets
Les Gets
Photo: Gavin Hope



Les Gets is part of the Haute-Savoie region of France and although it has lots of restaurants on offer, the choice of food is limited. One common meal provides you with a hot plate and a selection of uncooked meats, which you prepare for yourself. Fondues are also very popular around these parts.

The restaurants are typically French, with friendly staff and they're aimed at the low to mid price range. There are also a few pizza shops dotted around the town. On the slopes there are a few well placed cafes as well as a bar. The food is OK, but expect to pay over the odds for eating up the mountain.


Despite Les Gets being a small town, there are a few bars and one nightclub, all within the centre. Bar Bush is the hangout for the English seasonnaires; it's small, but this means the atmosphere is good even on a quiet night. It's located near the ice rink. The Canadian bar is another interesting place, providing a stuffed bear and a pool table, what else would you ever need...

The nightclub, named the Igloo, is tight, but they don't mind packing them in; it usually only gets going after 1am. The music is strange at times, there isn't much space and it's expensive - but it does stay open late into the night. Morzine is just a few minutes away, and being bigger makes it worth the trip for a proper night out. Expect the usual expensive resort prices.


There are many choices in Les Gets, ranging from hotels to Chalets and there are places to suit most budgets. With the village being small many places are close to the slopes and lift access, especially on the Chavannes side of the valley. A short distance out of town at La Turche, is a brand new, high speed six seater chair. This is a great place to stay if you want fast access to the best snow and don't mind being away from the centre. It's a difficult run home however, so beginners should stick closer to town.

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