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Thumbs Up to Tignes

Mon 16 March 2009 by Spencer

As a beginner and my first snowboarding holiday, I had no expectations, but I can tell you I think it's going to be hard to beat Tignes, a truly high benchmark is in place!

My mates kept telling me how lucky I was to not only be in a great area but how excellent the weather conditions were. The first day was beautiful, thick snow on the pistes and brilliant blue skys followed by two days of heavy snow which meant the rest of the holiday was perfect for learning.

No two days are the same in Tignes as there are so many runs and lifts to choose from, plus you can also go off-piste (although it's a struggle to get out of the three foot of snow!). And you can travel for miles on end.

Just been looking at my photos and remembered just how scenic it was from just about every angle.

Oh... and bars are good too! I stayed at the Curling Hotel, the food and staff were superb!

I'll definitely go back there again.


User rating 9 out of 10


Sat 10 January 2009 by Chris54

We had a week in Tignes in Dec 2008. The slopes were amazing and there was plenty of fresh powder as there was a major dump when we arrived, about 1.5m. Plenty of off piste and lovely pistes to exploer, truly massive area on the espace kille. We travveled on a Sunday, and it seemed the rest of the people travelled on Saturday, so as a result we had the slopes virtually to ourselves!

The only down side I found was that it was quite expensive in the bars and there wasn't a great apres ski.


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A 10 out of 10 Area

Mon 20 October 2008 by Peter10

I went to Tignes in January 2008 as I had a free weekend and a couple of mates had gone out there for a few weeks. Although four days is not nearly enough time to ride an area as large as the Espace Killy, the terrain we found was simply phenomenal, with all manner of challenging runs and features to keep us entertained. The lift system is superb, well maintained and easy to navigate. It’s really easy to traverse the mountains and access deserted, untracked areas. We stayed in Brevier, where the accommodation was priced reasonably and aesthetically it is a hell of a lot nicer to look at the VC or Le Lac. Staying out of the way also meant that we did not have to deal with hordes of drunken estate agents from Fulham for which ‘Val Despair’ is notorious. That said, the area is so massive you can generally find runs with out ever needing to cross paths with the braying Hooray Henry types. The only real ball ache was the transfer time to Geneva. But the journey into the mountains is more than worth the trip when you have access to the kind of riding the area has to offer. A 10 out of 10 resort!


User rating 9 out of 10

Fri 4 April 2008 by Brendan

Mountains are huge, lift accessible terrain is huge, boarding is fantastic. Tignes is linked to Val d'Isere through the Espace Killy lift system which is truly brilliant. There are certainly more freeride possibilities than you can exhaust in a week's holiday, probably even in two weeks. Terrain parks are excellent although a few more rails would be nice. The park on the Val d'Isere side was better but Tignes had a nice looking halfpipe (I was too chicken to try it out when I was there). Definitely a world class boarding destination.


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Tignes 07 review

Sun 13 May 2007 by Airtime

Just got back from a season in Val Claret. Espace Killey has huge, varied terrain, the lifts are fast and numerous, making for awesome freeriding when it dumps (despite having few trees.) Val Claret is the only place to stay as it is the highest point, has great access to the slopes and the best bar around (the Coulior.) Almost unlimited off piste is easy to access, some of the best bits are off the Signal drag in La Fornet, the Manchet nature reserve behind the Solaise area, the Col De Fresse face (hike up from the Borsat chair) and the cliffs around Lanches on the Grand Motte. The parks are OK but are small, served by tiresome lifts and lack daily grooming. Loads of boarders building kickers should be an indication that the parks are letting down an otherwise brilliant resort.


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great place

Thu 20 April 2006 by Iain

not quite 10 out of 10.... but this was close.... loved the runs and the resort in general. Beautiful scenery. Generally a nice well run place. The bus service makes up for the fact that that the resrt is quite sprad out. Try it!

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Im in love!!!

Sun 12 February 2006 by John26

After a summer trip in July and a winter trip in Jan..... what can I say!!! WOW, YUM, BLISS, HEAVEN ETC!!! The slopes were awesome.... bit crowded for the second week (staert of the hols) and way too many skiiers!!! Ban the bastards!! but the runs were awesome, big enough to lose the crowds if you feel like it! The food is incredible, as for expensive, sure the beer aint cheap but when your approaching the latter end of your 30's you dont want too much night life anyway... Tignes le Lac is where the nightlife is, Val Claret is a bit quieter and the restaurants are amazing (TIP, eat where the locals eat and drink the house wine and suddenly your eating and drinking a 3 course meal with a couple of bottles of GOOOOOD wine for £20 a head!!!) Im in love with the place.... Also full of the mad ones.... kicker building goes on uninterupted... the choice of runs is vast and the lift system never had me queueing for more than a minute!!! 9/10!!! (Summers gerat... real quiet!!!)

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Best So Far

Tue 21 June 2005 by keri

After going to Chamonix last year i thought no resort would come close - how wrong i was.

Tignes has all the awesome qualities of Chamonix without the nasty bus rides from mountain to mountain.

In Tignes you can easily get from any mountain to another using the pistes this also includes popping over to val d'isere.

Nightlife in the three towns of Tignes is very good, but once again not a cheap night out, i found.

Tignes is my favourite resort so far - topping it will be a difficult one.

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freestyle carnage!!

Tue 1 February 2005 by rude-dog

just got back from a stay in tignes... awful hotel! super expensive everywhere! lots of idiots everywhere! but.... kickers, rails and natural hits every where!!! it was great. i found there was a huge freestyle scene there and there was people building kickers all over the resort (on roofs, behind hotels, over footpaths.... etc etc) ive never seen so many freestyle riders all right up for it was great. the park its self isn't the best... mainly for beginers bt still will provide more experienced riders a few hours of fun. the mountains also offer some excelllent hits, with plenty of natural terrain for you to get some air or drop off of. make sure you take some walkie talkies too, loads of people use them there and giving out random abuse to random people is what its all about! i stayed in every night due to my body being so battered so i missed most of the night life... it was too pricey, my hotel was awful and the food sucked....but i'll go back for sure....

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Fri 9 January 2004 by PAUL75


User rating 9 out of 10


Fri 9 January 2004 by The Master

A brilliant and beautful vast terrain. Something for everyone. Challenging runs for those needing to be pushed as well as wide easy slopes for newcomers. If you get bored which you shouldn't there is the Val D area (much smaller than Tignes though).

Apres ski is fine..nothing like as lively as Austria but then might be a good thing. Most depressing thing is the cost and number of brits. A beer at 5 Euros...who the f*ck do they think we all are?!!! As regards brits...too many package holiday crowds.

A flawless resort for ripping the pistes so exhuast yourself so that you don't have to pay the cost of going out!

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Rip Off!

Thu 8 January 2004 by WSG Steve

Fairplay Tignes is a massive area, one of the great things about the place is the amount of easy off piste areas there are; very useful given the amount of snaking ski schools that meander down the slopes getting in everybodys way.

The major downside of the place is the cost - a pint will set you back 5 euros. We were there over new year, and seldom found a lift queue longer than 10 minutes which isn't bad at all, a couple of the lifts are very old and slow mind.

Top place, and theres so many brits there you won't need to speak a word of french the entire time.

User rating 9 out of 10


Tue 28 October 2003 by TC2

7 of us got a great last minute deal to Tignes (aprox half price) last season.

Great place, -absolutely vast area 1 week is not enough. We found new areas every day.

We are all intermediate boarders and loved it. Good park with well maintained kickers, rails etc. although there was no powder while we were there so off piste was a bit crusty.

Queues were bad in places but you can always find runs that are virtually empty cos it's so big.

It would get a 10 but beer and food both on the mountain and in the resort are daylight robbery.