Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Schliersee


Freeriders: if theres enough snow, take the Brecherspitz lift opposite the Firstam to gain access to a freeriders paradise: long, steep tree runs that remind you of Canada.

On this mission you should follow the locals because theres a 25 metre cliff with a flat and rocky landing hidden in the trees.


At various points around the slopes, Freestylers have a good mountain to practice getting air. The Osthanglift -bar takes you to a good freestyle area. If you stay on the slope-side of the lift on the way down, youll find some good natural hits and spines decorated with some nice rollers.

The Firstalm is where the funpark can be found, however it doesnt get shaped very often.


PISTES: Riders have a very good mountain to ride, with well-groomed runs that will intrigue the hopeless novice while boring the tits off most advanced riders. However, the pistes are open enough to allow for some wide carves and to be fair, a decent amount of speed can be achieved.

The longest run is the 3200m Sutten, which is good for screaming down in under 3 minutes.


Beginners have a cool first timer's resort, although there's a limited amount of slopes and a lot of weekend ski crowds clutter up the place.

Easy access is possible to all the beginner trails.

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