Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Katsuyama Ski Jam


There's plenty of nice wide open slopes for cruising, and some nice birch and pine tree runs if you're willing to duck the ropes. Most Japanese people stick to the piste, so that means more powder for you - but ski patrol will take your ticket if you persistently offend.


Freestylers will have fun on the various terrain park features. Two different areas are maintained – one with small jumps and rollers, the other with several rails and boxes, and some larger jumps, but there is no half pipe. This resort recently built what was thought to be the world's longest rail at 55m long, but there are plans to make it even longer in future!


Most of the runs aren’t particularly steep, and are generally quite wide and perfect for sedate cruising. Although you could have a decent long run from the top to the bottom, the upper half of the mountain tends to have the best snow, and the least people, so those in the know stick to the top.


Beginners will find gentle slopes which are ideal for learning and Ski Jam offers lessons in English, but beware if you're visiting on a Sunday, as it can be dauntingly busy!

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