Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Zakopane

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Resort life

The town has a centralised pedestrian street which in the day has cheap eats and more silly hat stalls than you would think possible. This is also the place to head at night for a few beers. Rosters have: burgers, beer and waitress’s in tight t-shirts and red hot pant. Krakorviacy I Gorale restaurant is a meat feast with huge bits of meat cooked on an open grill, there’s also a mad Polish band playing most nights, which goes down with most locals downing their cutlery and giving it up on the dance floor. For lodging, a British based company, run Holidays for all budgets and include transfers and instruction, or for more info check out . The Hotel Belvedere is Zakopane's top five star hotel it's cheap compared to its western equivalents.

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