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in Dombai

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Resort life

Dombai is a relatively small settlement, so in terms of entertainment and apres-ski it's quite a dull place, but the mountains are really beautiful. Most of the people who live at Dombai earn money for the whole year during the winter time renting out their apartments to tourists. The locals are friendly and are very pleased to meet foreigners, especially English speakers, as they like to practice their language skills and love to share their drink with you. Overall the place is very interesting and has a very pioneering feel to it. If you are planning a trip to Russia bring your snowboard with you and have an adventure in the Caucussus.


There are many cafes and restaurants. A meal costs $10. The most popular cafe is "U Zuly" - you have to book the table a day before. Food is filling, try the Georgian hot cheesebread called ‘Khachapuri.


Night time madness is best sampled in the Hotel Gornye Vershiny. There are two disco/bars and a few places to eat. The ground floor disco is generally more locals with a mixture of European and old Russian "Pop". Snowboard videos are shown behind the DJ’s stand and the place has a distinct 70’s feel purely by accident. A swimming pool and a sauna is also available in the hotel but you may need a health card to get in.


There are two large hotels - "Gornie Vershiny" (tel +7(87864)58236, 58230, 58192 - a single or double is 800-1000 R ($30-$35) per night), which is 50-150 m from the lifts, and "Dombai" ($30-$100 per night for a double), which is 100-150 m from the lifts. Among smaller and nicer hotels are "Zolotoy Mustang" (tel +7(87872) 5-83-33, +7(928) 945-6504 - shared accommodation 500R ($18) per person per night, rooms start at $70 per night) and "Solnechnaya Dolina" (tel +7(87864)58269, 58291 - $30 per person per night), 100 m from the lifts. There are also about 15 other small hotels and many private apartments to rent. During the high season and official holidays (29 December - 8 January, 4-8 March) it is hard to find an available room and you have to book two weeks beforehand.

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