How to get to Dombai


Tourist Office Dombai
Tel: +7 87872 58320

By Car

Via Mineral nye, you need to head south for a few kms along the M29, cutting off at Essentuki on to the A157 and the A155 via Teberda and to Dombai. It is not recommended to go by car all the way from Moscow. The road is in a poor condition and the trip can be dangerous in the Caucasus area.

By Plane

Aeroflot Airlines and Siberia Airlines can be used to get in to the region. You can fly from Moscow Domodedovo or Moscow Sheremetyevo to Mineralnie Vody. A return flight costs $200-$350 inc taxes and takes 2.5 hours.

By bus/coach

There is a bus from Mineralnie Vody to Teberda (the town 20 km from Dombai). The price is 150 R ($5), takes 7 hours. The bus is leaving from the bus station in Mineralnie Vody. However the timetable is changing frequently and is totally unpredictable.

By train

Train from Moscow to Mineralnie Vody or Cherkessk (takes about 25 hours, costs 1500 R ($59) one way. Then take a bus to Teberda or a taxi to Dombai.

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