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User rating 8 out of 10

great for off piste with fresh snow

Thu 23 March 2006 by oli1

Lomnica is by far the best boarding spot in Slovakkia (having examined a great deal of them). The top part is steep enough for speed junkies. It is also very wide, so that you can easily find untouched snow for a powdery track. The upper middle part is again great for off piste, as it is filled with lots of bush like small pinetrees.

Day tickets are around € 15, and check out Hotel Mladost in Svit for extremely low budget stay - € 13 for a double room.

User rating 7 out of 10

Tatranska Lominica

Tue 14 March 2006 by Edward

Probably the best place to board in Slovakia only a 10 min journey on the train from Stary Smokovec and has a black, red and blue run which is much more challenging than stary's. There are only drag lifts on the slope next to the main mountain (forgot the name but it was worth forgetting). The red run has some good off piste but i found it very challenging (second holiday boarder). The blue run can be very busy though and the people are quite rude! Very cheap though. Check out Hotel Panda in Horny Smokovec for a great place to stay.