Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Cerler


The resort is spread over two valleys with a good selection of wide and narrow interlinked intermediate pistes. The main pull here is the off-piste, as between most of the pistes are large open areas where you can let rip, if theres good snow. Outside of the Cibolles bowl most areas are not prone to sliding and are easily reached with a short walk or a simple hop off the side of the piste. From the peak of Rincon Del Cielo there are some trees to shred through, all the way back down to the base station. Look out for the El Tubo itinerary run, which is reminiscent of the Piste Perdue in Val DIsere, which is a very tight rock sided gully, which will have you making your turns or slamming into a rock face.


Theres a small park, under the Rincon Del Cielo chair, which consists of ten or so rails, some of which are very long, and a kicker or two. There are plans to develop this further but if a parks your thing then Cerlers not. But if you like your freestyle while riding the mountain then Cerler could be the place for you. Many of the pistes have great rollers and drops which can be spun off at will.


Virtually all of this resort can be had at speed best of all is the Canal Ampalla piste which is a real long black with banked sides, making it great to crank over some leg burning turns. If you like your pistes smooth and fast then youll dig it here. 


At the bottom of the resort theres a tiny area with a magic carpet, for those first few hours, after that its up on a chair to the Costa 2000 area, which has a good, if a little slim and busy, green run Robellons to start linking turns. The real problem though is getting back to resort, as the blue Les Pallanes piste is tight and steep in places, and can crowd up at the end of the day. So youll have to take the chair back down until the confidence is up. Cerler is a great resort for a second or third week holiday as youll be able to go all over the resort, but not really the best for your first ever trip to the mountains.
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