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Resort life

Torgon is a family oriented resort; being small, it's quieter than the main resorts of the Portes Du Soleil. There are two bars: "Le Perroquet" and "Le Dravers", the latter being a disco open only on Fridays and Saturdays. Different restaurants are open until midnight.
Parking for slope access is good. There's a small car park in La Jorette, the base station, and a much bigger one in Plan de Croix, which offers more 'central' slope access. Both car parks are free. If the chairlift at La Jorette is closed because of bad weather or other reasons, there's a shuttle bus running from La Jorette to the parking at Plan-de-Croix.

Torgon valley plan de croix
Torgon valley plan de croix
Photo: Gavin Hope

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