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in Mountain High

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Resort life

Off the slopes things are somewhat different and not what you would totally expect. The resort itself, doesn’t own or provide any slope linking accommodation or provide a multi complex resort with all the normal holiday attractions. Around the base areas are a few sport shops and snowboard hire outlets and cafeterias, but that’s about it. However, Mountain High is located next to the town of Wrightwood which provides a host of local facilities from lodges to bed and breakfast joints. Los Angeles is only 90 minutes away so you could even base yourself there or at any one of the many towns en route.


Where you eat depends basically on where you decided to stay. Most lodges and hotels in the area have restaurants or are close to one. There are also loads of fast food joints to seek out all the way back to Los Angeles.


Nightlife and other evening entertainments vary from place to place, but basically things in Wrightwood are laid back and not very exciting while Los Angeles rocks big style and offers millions of things to do.


Golden Acorn Bed & Breakfast

001 (760) 249 6252

Corcoran’s Corner - 001 (760) 249 6365

Finch House - 001 (760) 249 6897

Pine View House - 001 (760) 249 4348

Wrightwood Mountain realty

001 (760) 249 3257

Wrightwood Sales and Rentals

001 (760) 249 3339

Don Oster Realty - 001 (760) 249 3000

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