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User rating 7 out of 10

Nice spot- great for snowboarding

Sun 23 November 2008 by roland303

This place is actually quite nice, the only reason I gave it a 7 is that I've only been once and I can see there are some things that might detract from a truly top-notch visit.

Overall, Sierra-at-Tahoe is great for snowboarding. It's protected from the same winds that make other Tahoe spots miserable during storms but it gets all the snow anyways! The terrain is pretty nice- when you look at the trail map you may not be impressed but it has got some nice steeps. I also like the layout of the place; there are great trails all over the mountain and some were very interesting with loads of potential for tree boarding. No open bowls but some glades are pretty good; unfortunately, the backside was shut down the day I was there.

It lacks the mad rush of some of the other spots but it still draws quite a crowd and traffic on Hwy 50 during weekends is kind of nuts. I don't remember any slopeside accommodations but South Lake Tahoe is only 20-30 minute drive away.

Recommend this place as a bit of tonic for the glitzier resorts around Tahoe. It's not the only spot like that but there aren't many areas left around Tahoe that don't feel like a bit of a circus. Spend a day here after a dump- you won't regret it!

P.S. I didn't hit the park. Supposedly, it is one of the better parks in Tahoe and caters a little more for the snowboarders.


User rating 6 out of 10

Christmas Riding

Wed 24 January 2007 by Kingpin

A little small for my liking, day we were there squaw, heavenly closed so every man and his dog were there, queued for tickets, queued for lifts queued for food. A day out of holiday season and less people would be better, progression park was really good through, only resort i could find that had one to practice on without doing some serious damage.