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the x-games

Tue 1 February 2005 by rude-dog

i spent a week in aspen due the x-games being held there and it was well worth the journey. front row view from the pipe for the mens final was un-real!!!!! but... thats its... the rest of the whole place should be blown off the earth. its just american celebs, supercars with snowchains and designer shops. the mountains the resort is made up from are too far apart meaning that you pretty much have to spend the whole day in the same place. the food, drink and shopping is way way way over priced.

if your mad for the x-games then make a stay in vail, you can drive to aspen in a couple of hours from there and its a much better resort...

if watching the pro's had not been so much fun i'd give this resort a 1/10... and that 1 would have only been out of sympathy for such a sad bunch of rich american idiots... stay in europe folks!!