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Sat 25 August 2007 by Ben8

Moonlight's terrain park blew anything Big Sky has ever had away by a long shot, its unfortunate that your team going to check the place out missed it! Still no snowmaking in it and no halfpipe, but Moonlight had 2 parks last year, mostly featuring boxes. We also had a rail jam contest (1st of its kind for this side of the mountain) that incorporated all the best local riders having fun- something that Big Sky has never really welcomed with open arms. Be wary of Whitefish park improvements, Big Sky's old terrain park whiner/builder is heading that up, and all he knows is how to leave a culvert in the snow and calll it a contest. Real Talk.

Me and my crew of friends showed reps from Salomon, Unity, Celsius, not to mention Jay (owner of World Boards) around last winter to all the stash spots on the dark side. You guys need some touring hit me up!

Oh- and I've ridden Big Sky the last 6 seasons now, and last season I probably only went over to that side of the mountain twice maybe. It's that good over here....


User rating 10 out of 10

Your Team, Plus NO ONE!

Thu 8 September 2005 by Ben8

Being that this resort has been known about for amazing AK style chutes on the headwaters by Big Sky locals for years, lift service up it is more than just an amenity- its amazing. What suprised most people was the runoff past the headwaters- moonlight offers some amazing tree runs. Most of the trails were cut by crews of locals who know the forests in these parts and paid close attention to keeping speed up through the flat sections.

I had one day there last year and over 100 at Big Sky and now that theyre combined thru the lone peak pass- not to forget the enourmously gnar north snow field above the headwaters, the entire combined resort is a force to be wreckoned with....

If you are a rider who like to have epic time with your friends and spred the snowboarding love then this enourmous (bigger than vail now) resort is something you need to hit up before all the suckas come and blow the place up. If youre wack tho you should go to colorado and be sure to rock only this years analog. if you come to big sky bring your ductape because youll be in the trees all day.

its a 10 combined- theres secrets in those trees everyone will read about in the next few years....