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Mountain Creek builds good riders.

Mon 27 December 2004 by damian

I've mainly riden Mountain Creek, or simply "creek " as we call it, since I started riding. If you can ride here, and keep from getting hurt, you can pretty much ride anywhere. The snowfall in New Jersey is very inconsistent, so most of the time it's ice. The resort is usually overpacked on weekends, so its better to go weekday mornings, where you'll sometimes have runs open to yourself. The parks are what makes creek stand out. When maintained they are amazing. The rails are top notch, but they could use more jumps. The super-pipe is over-hyped. It is only maintained when a competition is happening, and last season was not cut for the regular dedicated riders of the mountain, hopefully this season it will be different. If you're a season pass holder this mountain is worth the price, but if you're coming from anywhere further then in-state or the NYC area, you're better off going somewhere else. with $53 weekend tickets it doesn't seem worth it to ride here on a weekend/holiday when you'll wait 30 minutes (minimum) in lift lines to ride on extremely overcrowded trails, coupled with the attitude of some of the non-locals, I'd head somewhere else. But if you're a local, holding a season pass or a triple play card, it is well worth it on any weekday to ride here.