Sandia Peak

Snowboarding Sandia Mountains, NM.

Youtube rating 5 out of 5 December 20, 2010. Tyler films Aubry and Kevin as they take a quick run down a small part of the ski valley. Taken from helmet mounted HD Gopro hero camera. This video took over an hour and a half to
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Length: 2.9 mins
Title:Snowboarding Sandia Mountains, NM.
Rating:5 (4 votes)
Views: 906
Title:Sandia Peak Ski Area opens for season
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Title:Chris Snowboarding at Sandia Peak New Mexico
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Title:Snowboard Sandia Peak Dan and Zach crash
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Title:Snowboarding Fun with the Spurgeons 1080p
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Title:Snowboard Prep...
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Title:Skiing at Sandia Peak, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Title:Sandia Peak Backcountry Run
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Title:Ski & Snowboard at Sandia Peak in Albuquerque
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Title:Will and Rico jump - Sandia Peak
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Title:Sandia Peak
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Title:Snowboarding at Sandia Peak - Bambino Trail
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Title:Snowboarding Sandia - Team RZRCK GoPro Hero3+ Black
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Title:Sandia Peak on New Year's Day
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Title:Persef's First Day Snowboarding.AVI
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Title:Sandia Peak 1997 1998
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Title:Southwest Snowboard Comp Sandia Peak 1998
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Title:sandia crest 2011
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Title:March 8th Sandia Ski Area
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Title:Xmas Boarding
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Title:New snowboard, first run
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Title:snowboard backcountry....looking for a way out of the woods
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Title:Ski Lift
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Title:Sandia Sundays Nov 2012
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Title:The cousins snowboarding on the last weekend at Sandia...
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Title:Cousin Jimmy taking twins down to ski-lift
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Title:Phoenix Bus To Snowboard at Big Bear - Bus From Phoenix To Big Bear CA
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Title:Sandia Mountains
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Title:Sandia Skiing 20101226
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Title:Me snowboarding in Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Title:Sandia ski Christmas Day 2013
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Title:Rock jump Snowboarding
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Title:7-Year-Old Snowboarding at Sipapu
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Title:Snowboarding 1/1/2011 - 5
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Title:Chris Snowboarding
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Title:Sarah's Snowboarding Tricks
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Title:LATVIAN Snowboarding
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Title:Lisoka, New Mexico, Snowboarding
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Title:Sunday Funday (Big bear, First Time, Snowboard, Fun, Adventure)
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Title:First Run
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Title:Urban Snowboarding.m4v
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Title:Snowboarding 2011 NYE.m4v
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Title:Dustin Snowboarding
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Title:Nik snowboarding
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Title:some jumpin' and berm grinding.
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Title:Whistler Tramway Descent
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Title:GoPro Snowboarding in Terrain Park Edit 1
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Title:Keystone Snowboarding and Skiing
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