Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Mount Hood Meadows


Freeriders-this mountain is very much for you: the terrain, which may not offer a super amount of challenging stuff or be the most extensive in the world, nut it's still perfect wherever you go. The Super Bowl is a black graded area, with a series of descents on open terrain. The notable thing about the Super Bowl, is that it's not serviced by a lift line; instead you get up on a snowcat for around $12 a go or $50 for 5 runs.Also of interest is the under utilized terrain in the “Badlands” area along Vista Ridge overlooking the Wild White River Canyon.



Freestylers-there are natural hits everywhere and also a good fun-park off the Hood River chair. However, the fact that skiers are allowed in the park with so much good natural terrain on offer, make it hardly worth using. You can have a great time riding the hits around Chunky Swirl and the Texas run. If you're a pipe hound, then you'll usually find it well maintained but often very busy with local air heads. A ride up Vista Express will allow freestylers to hit Vista Park, City Park and the SuperPipe all in one run, now thats a lot of hits in one descent. 

Mt Hood Meadows
Mt Hood Meadows
Photo: Michael Hildreth


The runs from Cascade are the best in terms of wide, open riding trails, with a couple of decent blue trails down to choose from. There isn't an abundance of steeps for long fast descents, but what is there is excellent.



Beginners are treated to a good number of trails that are easy to reach and easy to negotiate. Mt Hood Express gives access to some interesting green runs and some tame blues. The local snowboard school has a host of teaching programmes for all levels, including a Mountain Master Programme.

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